Besides selecting a solid, grounded, stable company to join in business and a viable, marketable product – the critical or break point in your business will hinge on the depth, span and success of your marketing. Every business requires a steady customer base and methods to generate new customers and business partners.

Today, many people are getting into business more so then ever before, and this is commendable. I applaud you all. The internet as a marketing and communication medium has hastened this process and quickly globalized the marketplace. That’s great news for business since our audience is now much, much wider. Over 1.5 billion people on the internet – it a people stampede!

But a business that does not attract a solid customer base will have to dim its lights and go home! So even though you now have access to more people bear in mind the noise on the internet is outrageously loud! There is more information than the human mind can assimilate and process. As such people looking for a product or a business opportunity hop around from website to website. Attention spans are short and people are impatient. Give me! And give me now is the order of the day!

So smart and effective marketing becomes the key to staying in business and remaining profitable. Hence, it should be given a fair share of your time is your business plan. The main reason a business closes its doors would be because it doesn’t selling enough product or in the case of network marketers, not being able to attract enough business builders to your opportunity to turn a profit. Hence you quickly run out of steam, huffing and puffing and totally burnt out.

Therefore, a major aspect of your marketing plan has to be on generating leads/prospects to your website, even if you are involved in a conventional brick and mortar business, your web page is a gateway to your business. However, even though the internet is now becoming littered with schemes and ‘make you rich’ systems on generating traffic so many people are still complaining of lack of quality traffic.

But how do you do that? Where do you find the quality or targeted people?

There is no one method that will deliver a horde of targeted customers who will buy. So let’s establish that quickly, in as much as we would like and hope that there is such a system. Getting people to come to you in business has been always a tricky road, and as such truckloads of books and reports have been written on this topic. With the internet as our marketplace the books are being re-written to incorporate Google ad words, SEO, RSS etc, etc. – all the jargon and techniques.

Bear in mind that even though the marketplace is vast,
there are people who are looking for you, for sure. They are looking for a solid company, good product, leadership, systems, short term cash and long term residuals. So if your business will deliver all those goodies then kick-butt marketing will build you an empire.

Should your business be built on hype
and a useless questionable product when people can figure it out, your business will not stand the test of time and you need to start looking again for something new.

Marketing costs money. Yes. But there are many free marketing methods online too. So your marketing plan will more than likely be a combination of paid and free. Try free to get the hang of things before you start paying. I have spent loads of cash on learning systems and methods. Some of which was not worth a dime I spent on it. And some worth their weight in gold!

Now how can you tap in to the millions of people visiting the web on a daily basis?

(1) Social networks. There are a huge variety of networks to choose from where you can start making friends and connecting with people. is a fantastic forum to make connections. Now don’t go shoving your opportunity on people. There’s certain etiquette to uphold that will keep you in good standing with the crowd. So don’t blow it by pitching your business to everyone indiscriminately. Make connections instead, the business will come. Start a group on these networks to attract like minded people. In addition to the many networks available, has a host of social networks to choose from, that could suit your taste. Also you can start your own!

(2) Article writing and article marketing. Not to be underrated at all. Writing an article and getting it out there in as many directories as you can, will certainly increase the awareness of you and your brand. People will you see as a source of information especially if your content is of value. This is an excellent way to back link to your main page and get cozy with the search engines!

(3) Ezine or newsletter. This is a fantastic way to brand you. Even if you are a multilevel marketer and using your generic company site, you can give the most value to your opt ins by sending out an email broadcast every 2 weeks or every week as you see fit, to personally connect with your audience and deliver some good content about your business. Do this even if your company has an auto responder system because it puts you into the spotlight as a leader. Remember, in a sea of opportunity out in cyber space, you need to distinguish yourself. This is a great way to do so.

(4) I will simply jot these down as points for you to bear in mind. Your landing page should not be fancy but needs to hold your potential customer’s interest. Have an opt in that easily visible. Encourage an opt in with something free of value. Your page must have a ‘call to action’ to get people to act with a sense of urgency.

(5) Consider having a front end product to your primary business. Know that a great majority of people going to your site will not purchase or join you in business right away. To capitalize on this traffic, and to earn short term income, marketers are starting to see the value of offering a front end product. Do make this product something of value. If not you may gain a front end product buyer, but the poor quality of that product could destroy the chances of that person joining you in your primary venture, because you have just lost credibility.

And credibility is a critical element of business.

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