Recently, a dear friend of mine forwarded a bunch, what was to her, terrifying information. A friend of hers forwarded her a conversation between two "spiritual" folks talking about 2012 and other things. In my opinion, there was nothing of value in this forwarded conversation. It was mostly fear based stuff that would lead you to believe that the fate of the world is in the hands of darkness. The following is my letter back to her...

Ok, so I'm being pulled back here to give you some more information...

In my opinion: your focus, as well as every other being incarnate right now that is consciously aware of the ascension process, has one goal and only one goal in mind, vibrational elevation of your bio-energetic sphere. Period. The stuff that you tune into occasionally is of such a lower vibration that it is toxic to your own bio-energetic sphere. You are not alone on this road, I, we, all of us, tune into lower vibrations of occasion.

But the time is now, to own your truth once and for all. When you do this, you will no longer defer to lower vibrational influences that portend of important secret truths the likes of which are not available to the rest of humanity. My humble advice, do not tune into conspiracy groups etc. Generally, they are very victim conscious, disempowered beings that are master escape artists when it comes to facing thier own truths.

You needn't defer to ANYONE, if you do not wish it. Your own truth, as you really claim it, will guide you to whatever you need to be doing and wherever you need to be going. Own your truth, own your power.

It's a lot of fun, to speak about all things evolutionary and metaphysical, especially as it pertains to the coming events and the acceleration of consciousness. I, myself, enjoy it very much and can become quickly caught up in all of the "what ifs" about the process. What if the world comes to an end? What if we have to be prepared for the interdimensional doorway? What if the dark forces try to stop us? What if martial law is declared? What if this and what if that? None of it is relevant to the now.

Right now is the time to elevate your vibrational rate of attraction. Right now is the time to do energy exercises, purify your body, and do emotional release work. Right now is the time, once and for all, to realize that many on this path who claim to know what is to come are the farthest away from the truth. And, many who claim to know little about what is happening are the closest vibrational match to the changes to come. Defer to no one, lest you become a leaf blowing in the wind. One second happy and empowered, the next sad, depressed, and powerless.

Quit seeking what is outside of yourself, go back to the truest guide you will ever, ever know. That which resides within your very own self. Take your power, claim your space, and start to become of greater use to spirit. Once you do this, don't be too suprised when you are guided to greater and greater successess. The higher energies will not bother with you until you stabilize a higher vibration.

Hope this helps,

Love C

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