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All you need is Love

Dear Peacemakers,

Today we are very pleased to feature:

A fantastic acoustic guitar version of "All you need is Love" by the young and talented Sungha Jung.

and an encouraging News story about peace and unity between people of different faiths (Thanks to Mira for posting this!).

We'd also like to express our…

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Dear Peacemakers,

Today we are happy to feature:

"We're All in this Together", a moving video of people uniting to share inspiration and celebrate human potential.

Rhyme scheme game, where we can co-write poetry :)

And a forum to share our greatest…

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Two years and many more to come!

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, today is the two year anniversary of MyPeace.TV :). THANK you to each of you for joining and being part of this movement to co-create a happier, healthier and more peaceful world through media. We are well over 4100 members from all over the globe, and soo many wonderful stories have been shared. Because of a recommendation from one of our members, Lynda Cole, I recently did some research about a remarkable man, John Francis (aka…

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An important message about the future of MyPeace.TV...

(*Update* 8-18-2010. I've decided to remove the "Donate" button on the right side of the site, but am leaving this blog up because it's an honest part of the journey. Thank you to those who donated (it did help) and thank you to all of you who are a part of MyPeace.TV. If you want to contribute to the growth of the site, a great way to do that is through our Gift Shop. Thanks again!)

Dear Peacemakers and…

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When our PEACE spreads virally...

Hi Everyone,

Today we're happy to feature, and invite you to join a new MyPeace.TV group for sharing Positive, Uplifting and Constructive News. On facebook, our petition for more positive news is building momentum (over 2160 people support it so far!), so if you haven't yet, we invite you to read it and click on "Like" to…

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With Love for Sue...

Hi Everyone...

I've just found out that one of our members, Sue, passed on less than 2 weeks ago. She brought lots of love to MyPeace.TV and welcomed many of you when you first joined. I will always be grateful for connecting with her, and for all the effort she put into making the world a better place. Even if you haven't communicated with Sue, I invite you to join me in sending love to her family and to her as she journeys…

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Sharing and Growing...

Dear Peacemakers,

With about 3950 members, over 2400 videos, 8800 photos and 1000 blogs shared, the MyPeace.TV community has come a long way. Together we are truly expanding the movement of using Media to create a more peaceful and happier World. Whether you've just joined, or if you've been part of this for a while.. THANK you, and we look forward to all the wonderful media content we'll be sharing. Today, we'd like to feature 2 videos:

Musician, and MyPeace.TV…

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Dear Peacemakers,

Today we'd like to feature 2 uplifting and powerful music videos... "Be the Change" by Gina Rene (with a guest appearance by Michael Beckwith), and "Peace On Earth" by MyPeace.TV member, Seth Freeman. Enjoy!

We also invite you to check out a special Earth Day…

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Less than 1 Day left to Vote for the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace! (Please Share)

Dear Peacemakers,

On, there is less than 1 day left to vote for the creation of a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding. This idea is currently in 11th place, but if it makes it to the top 10, it will be presented to key members of the Obama administration. Here is a brief description of the idea:

"The science of peacebuilding deserves a seat at the table when it comes to…

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Status Updates and our Peace Media Social Revolution/Evolution...

Hi Everyone!

There's some good news I'd like to share with you. I was recently able to log into MyPeace.TV, go to my profile page (aka media channel) and post a status update which also appeared on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. What's even more exciting is I was also able to do this on my mobile phone! And since the Twitter account is connected to our MySpace page, the update appeared there as well :).

I appreciate how sometimes when I'm on MyPeace.TV…

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Quotes intended to unify people of different faiths...

Universal Quotations of Unity from the book: The Message That Comes From Everywhere: Exploring The Common Core of the World’s Religions, by Gary L. Beckwith

"Muslim, Christian, or Jew, all turn their eyes to the Eternal One."

-Sufi writing

"There are as many ways to God as souls; as many as the breaths of Adam's…

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Lucid dream...

Have you ever had a lucid dream? I had a verrry long and intense lucid dream last night (a lucid dream is when you become conscious that it's a dream, but continue to dream) was mysterious...I remember some of it, but I more so remember the feeling that I was being taught sooo much. What may have triggered this was the show "Heroes" last monday...the characters Peter and Sylar were stuck in a dream world for what seemed like years, and I told my dad it reminded me of lucid dream… Continue

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The Charter For Compassion

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A Peace Petition for President Barack Obama, the U.S. House, and the Senate.

Hi Everyone,

As you may know, I've recently written an open letter to President Barack Obama. As a result of the feedback I've received on MyPeace.TV and elsewhere, I've decided to start a petition to help ensure that this letter is read by the President, the U.S. House, and the Senate. The letter and petition can be found… Continue

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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama - by Yaron Fishman

To Sign the Petition Click Here

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama (12/12/09)

Dear Mr. President,

Some time ago, I watched you make a brilliant speech about the cycle of racism, and the potential we have to break that cycle. It gave me hope that one day you would… Continue

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Music, Sharing and Jewelry for Peace....

Hi Everyone,

Today we're happy to Feature "Together", a song/video reminding us that no matter how bad things may seem, there is plenty of reason to feel hopeful and Unify for a better World:

There used to be a technical issue with our "Share" feature for videos, but it's working well now, so we encourage you to use this feature (simply click on the "Share"… Continue

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On MyPeace.TV: Promoting Your Peace.

Hi Everyone,

This is a short message to let you know that if you have an inspiring, positive or

beneficial product/service, MyPeace.TV may be able to do some promotion for you at

no charge (as we often have since the site launched). If you are interested in being

a MyPeace.TV Sponsor (with your banner on the right side of each page), then you may

be pleasantly surprised at the affordable rates we're now offering. In either case,

feel free to contact us… Continue

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A FILM TO SEE: "The Shift" Featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm happy to recommend another inspiring film. Over the years there have been

certain authors who have greatly inspired me to evolve into a better person, and one

of those authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer. Thankfully, I'm now able to help spread the word

about "The Shift", a wonderfully uplifting film featuring Wayne and his wisdom about

connecting more deeply with your life's purpose. By signing up to try the Spiritual Cinema

Circle (a DVD… Continue

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Films that Inspire!

Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

I must say that The Spiritual Cinema Circle has really impressed me again with their films for October. I finally had a chance to watch them all, and "The Cake Eaters" (October's feature film) felt so real I forgot I was watching actors. "The Cake Eaters" is a few stories wrapped into one. It's about loss, struggle, reconciliation, family, acceptance, compassion and romantic love. The featured short film is part one of "The Gift", a 3 part scifi series… Continue

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Featured Blog, Inspiration and Music!

Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

Today we're very happy to feature this inspiring blog written by MyPeace.TV member,

Edward Biagiotti:

It was written in response to this MyPeace.TV Blog Challenge:…


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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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