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Inner Knowing

Karla Solano

The path to self discovery is a rocky road to follow; it takes a lot of patience, self discipline and perseverance. But once you find yourself and reach a higher state of awareness, there is nothing that can take away all the inner joy, peace and self love that this inner knowing brings.

Our everyday life tends to distract us from the infinite connection with our inner guidance; therefore it is imperative to take time out from our busy schedules to fully engage in strengthening this higher connection with the universe and with all that is contained within it, so that we can become whole again.

Inner knowing not only brings bliss into our lives, but it also gives us a sense of assurance that everything is in place the way it needs to be, it gives us a feeling of being protected and taken care of. It is amazing but something magical takes place once we connect with our Divine self. Life becomes easier to deal with, we learn to observe situations and people before reacting irrationally, we become more receptive and accepting of others, and the need to judge ourselves and others dissipates.

Learning to trust our inner knowing is an essential part of our existence because it guides us in the right direction, and it helps us learn about ourselves. This process does not happen overnight however, we all have the power within us to reach the unparalleled infinite path to discovering our true divine nature. All we have to do is look within to find all the perfection we seek.

The only way to really find our true connection with the Divine is by making a conscious effort to let go of the control our egos long for; Unplugging completely from the daily noise by finding peaceful and quiet moments in our lives which can help us maintain a balanced and joyful existence.

All this inner knowing really means is that we as human physical beings need to learn how to get out of our own way and allow our Divine spirit to work through us so that we can live a healthier, peaceful and loving life. Our Divine essence is sitting there quietly waiting for the moment when we give ourselves permission to live in unison with our higher self.

This gift of inner knowing is very powerful and it can only bring forth emotional and physical healing as well as purity into our lives. So let’s begin to connect with our Divine essence so we can fully embrace our existence on this planet, in complete unison with one another.

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Comment by Thomas Mitchell Glen on November 10, 2010 at 4:11am
Inner Knowing is indeed a special path to follow albeit a rough one as we stumble over our egos to just begin the journey and then learn to love our enemies who have caused us great mental anguish and physical suffering and finally to accept the spiritual power without question that leads us to peace.within.
Comment by AudreyLynne on November 9, 2010 at 12:07pm

Peace to you always!
Comment by Thomas Mitchell Glen on October 22, 2010 at 6:56am
"When man tae man, the world o'er, will brothers be for a' that" - Rabbie Burns.

Dear Learned Friends,

The following derives from a gift of insight that I have been given and would most respectfully ask if the matter could be debated in sharing with you ‘Why war is evil’.
Kind regards,
Tom Glen
‘Rosneimhidh’ Kames by Lochgilphead
Argyll PA31 8RZ
Tel/fax 01546 886315.

Why war is evil.

As many are aware, the human being has an intelligence comprising of mental, emotional and spiritual qualities. Advanced knowledge however, can only be created through a balance of all three and brings peace to the individual. The way is difficult but most rewarding as advanced knowledge is a highly sought prize whereby human advancement of finding peaceful solutions brings breakthroughs in all fields, without exception.

Firstly, we require seeking the greater balanced knowledge that leads to World Peace – the choice has always been there for all peoples. It can be created solely by the individual through his or her own behaviour pattern changing, to include a more spiritual life, albeit each beginning at their different levels of spirituality. The important pineal gland or third eye is then stimulated and is the gateway to the opening up of understanding and enlightenment. The resulting brain development is akin to great deserts being made fruitful by the spiritual stimuli through the change in behaviour pattern. History has shown prophets and other individuals who have had this enlightenment derived from their spiritual living to balance their humanity, and help others in their understanding of life. Every one however, has this gateway through which their understanding of life can develop and greatly improve.

The beauty of this great gift is that it applies to all peoples regardless of their status in life, as the spirit does not differentiate. Following through this thinking, the spiritual brain’s development is required to find peace and a balanced mind, then onwards to peaceful negotiations to end wars and the greatest poverty of all – that of the mind. Present knowledge is graded as Primitive, hence our warring state, with many brave soldiers and peoples suffering and dying needlessly. Truth is not debated openly as falsely proclaimed and this frightens leaders and other politicians holding down jobs of power. They still follow the well-worn path of the status quo – the path of no trust and the stagnant belief therein that denies change and makes it easier to go to war, any year they choose..

Material wealth creates power and as history shows, a Country’s wealth and power results in wars. Fortunately natural death takes over after a short time and does allow a new generation to try and learn from history and maybe seek new answers for peace through the greater knowledge and communication of the peoples of this new Millennium. Accepting progress based on truth and developing greater human advancement requires us to seek the new advancement of the mind, now available to all. World peace is possible, by Truth being observed as it is the prerogative of good but Lies are the tools of evil, leading to wars. We either continue as Primitives with increasing millions suffering and dying as shown in our televisions with many more millions of large-eyed starving and distressed children, looking at us, now and in the future for some merciful help - or follow the path of peace through the acceptance of truth that leads to a greater world civilisation. TMG.
Comment by Thomas Moloughney on September 24, 2009 at 7:02pm
Thank you Karla, everything you described is what arises in the moment from whatever you want to call God. To realize this and see it is the gift to Mankind (No desires needed)
Comment by Thomas Moloughney on September 2, 2009 at 9:37pm
Thank you Karla. That conscious effort for Quiet time is the most important effort that we have to make in this busy world. This forum of truth or (satsang) is a great reminder to connect now. Putting regular time aside each day which will grow and grow as we experience the beauty and love from within. Extended periods of retreat are also an amazing recharge.
Doing a one Week silent retreat with Gangaji in Garrisson, NY in 2 weeks. anyone up for it?
Comment by Karla solano on September 2, 2009 at 6:09pm
Thank you.
Comment by Arrachme Art on August 28, 2009 at 9:32pm
This is very beauty. Thank you for posting 'Inner Knowing'. I am amazed at the accuracy of the writing. Namaste'

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