Karla Solano

Everything existing in this universe is made up of energy. The human body for example is full of life energy, which when depleted causes our bodies to malfunction thus creating the appearance of disease.

It is important to recognize how crucial it is to maintain a well balanced physical, emotional and mental state of mind, so that our bodies don’t get run down by our daily stress and emotional battles. I understand how difficult this may get at times when our life seems to be upside down and nothing seems to be working out in our favor. But it is during moments like these when we must take the time to recharge and re-connect with the source of this wonderful life energy and draw from it all the infinite healing properties it can bring.

Recharging is a simple step in our lives but with our daily drama we tend to dismiss our body’s need to “plug- in” to the Life force energy that is available to all of us.  One of the ways to connect with this life-energy is through meditation.

Meditation is a gateway that integrates mind, body and soul into one; allowing us to become whole again. If you have never tried meditation before it is ok, there is no science to it. All you need to do is find a quiet place and take time to breathe in a conscious way, taking long breadths as you have your eyes closed.  Another way is to listen to soothing music that takes you to a happier place in your mind and connecting with that joyful child within. Sitting at a park and closing your eyes as you listen to the life around you can also help in connecting with all that exists. 

There are different ways to meditate for each one of us; the key is to find a method that will allow us to re-connect with the peaceful, feel-good vibration within so that we can cope with anything life throws our way without the need to overreact, without the use of anti-depressants and without the tendency to depend on others to make us happy.

Another way to connect with the life force energy within is through the use of Reiki; which is a Japanese stress-reduction technique that can restore the human body by simply applying life force energy along the electro-magnetic field of the body through our hands.

The life force energy uses the physical body of the person giving the Reiki as a channel or conductor by opening up the chakras (also known as energy centers) within the body and by releasing all negative blockages that don’t allow our bodies to open up to receive the flow of this infinite energy.  While Reiki is being transmitted from the giver to the receiver, there is an exchange of energy. The Life-force energy fills the body with a supply of positive, healing and restorative energy according to the needs of the person receiving it. 

We all have access to this infinite supply of Divine energy but we do not allow this energy to flow freely within our bodies because of the constant state of drama we hold on to in our day to day experiences.  That is why it is important to practice meditation, putting time aside everyday for a few minutes to really quiet the mind is primordial in reaching a higher state of awareness and in keeping a balanced state of mind.

Everything you search for already exists within….All you need to do is become one with the true essence of your being.


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