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  • Earth: The Altar

    Earth: The Altar

    Spaceship Earth, a gratitude altar: Our meditative journey invites you to reflect, with reverence,… Dwij Will Sep 24, 2018 23 views

  • Spirit Doll - The Awakening

    Spirit Doll - The Awakening

    Spirit Doll shares a message (for you to share too!!) encouraging human kindness and conciliation,… Dwij Will Jul 2, 2018 38 views

  • Parkland 17 - the Shift

    Parkland 17 - the Shift

    Embracing all those touched by gun violence: This link is FOR ALL TO SHARE on the journey-of-return… Dwij Will Mar 22, 2018 22 views

  • Retrieval


    "Retrieval," in Sector 108 of the Milky Way Galaxy, encapsulates a voyage of hopefulness within the… Dwij Will Dec 26, 2017 47 views

  • Queen of Doves

    Queen of Doves

    A story of heart, as a queen from a distant realm, and her consort of doves, bring messages of ligh… Dwij Will Jun 25, 2017 32 views

  • The Transcendent Function

    The Transcendent Function

    A creative and spirited journey to brighten your moment . . . and for you to share with others if i… Dwij Will Mar 21, 2017 16 views

  • Reverence


    Reverence in flight: Visit our natural habitat in metamorphosis; as "all" species embrace blitzing… Tags: saving, species Dwij Will Dec 27, 2016 34 views

  • Dharma


    All the hemispheres in existence Lie beside an equator In your heart. —Hafiz Dwij Will Sep 28, 2016 24 views

  • Dharma


    All the hemispheres in existence Lie beside an equator In your heart. —Hafiz Dwij Will Sep 27, 2016 28 views

  • The Tower & The Star

    The Tower & The Star

    Were your ancestors there? In our story the seer, Alexis, reflects on the vast shifts and opportuni… Dwij Will Sep 27, 2016 34 views

  • Be Your Light

    Be Your Light

    Our feathered friend Paco takes us on a journey through an ever-changing landscape of beautiful pos… Dwij Will Mar 21, 2015 182 views

  • The Infant Oracle

    The Infant Oracle

    The creator, nurturing the seed of transformation, recalls the ancient story of an Emissary from Re… Dwij Will Dec 23, 2014 30 views

  • Metamorphosis


    "" Dwij Will Sep 25, 2014 32 views

  • YOU


    Traversing the Andromeda Galaxy, the progenitors of terrestrial life, intergalactic sojourners, mer… Dwij Will Jun 18, 2014 87 views

‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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