Many of the lightworkers, starseeds and healers are working with the diamond technologies these days.  As I am unfamiliar with all the various technologies out there with regards to the diamond energy……….I can only report what it is I receive via my own natural God source connection.  So this Triple Diamond Spinner that was shown to me in the multidimensional fields really is fascinating.  Many of us carry the energetic technology of this Triple Diamond Spinner and don’t even know it.  So allow me to elaborate with regards to how this particular piece fits into the puzzle.

The best analogy I have to start off with to describe how this particular multidimensional aspect of the diamond energy works is that of a professional laundress.  The laundress is hunting for specific soiled or dirty spots on a particular garment (center emerald green diamond) and once that specific soiled spot is located………then here comes the spot cleaner and entrance into the washing machine for the entire cleaning of the garment (center royal blue diamond).  The royal blue diamond then continues with the garment and hangs it on the clothes line to dry.  Then the blue diamond does the ironing to make sure there are no wrinkles in preparation to meet the aqua~marine diamond.  Once the garment meets the aqua~marine diamond it is ready for the embellishments of the embroidery, sequins, pearls and jewel stones to be sewn on.

The Triple Diamond Spinner is like an intense purifier where the 3 diamonds work inter-connectedly to achieve a full restoration.  The 3 diamonds are connected via the golden rod that runs through the center of each diamond.  That golden rod is fully anchored via the energies of the 14th dimension.  The 14th dimensional golden energies are part of the founder races that are of the feline/lion energies.  Often when we think of the golden feline/lion energies we tend to relate that with The Sphinx in Egypt or the Goddess Bastet.  The emerald green center diamond only flips (rotates on the golden rod) when it is onto a new aspect to look at and magnify for the purification/cleansing process.  It is these emerald green diamond energies that contain the gifts of being able to go into the deep & dark parts of creation within the time matrix and put a magnifier amplification onto the most distorted aspects of life.  Due to the amplified magnification, the emerald green diamond energies can then locate through the architecture how the distortion got there in the first place.


Once the distortion/dark aspect has been located then the middle diamond ~ the royal blue diamond ~  takes over for a thorough cleansing/purification process.  The royal blue diamond energies, are those energies that are directly a part of the Blue Flame Family.  That middle royal blue diamond spins and rotates around a lot on the golden rod……….it is like a “washing machine” both figuratively and symbolically.  It is in charge of the purification process at it’s finest and this royal blue diamond energy has to be thorough because it knows the finesse of what is in store when the dark/distorted aspect has been purified.  This royal blue diamond energy “works around the clock” so to speak due to the intensity of what needs to be done in a very short amount of “time”.

Now when the time has arrived for the outer aqua~marine diamond energy to take over……………..what is really happening is the divine mother energies are now sparkling her majestic and eloquent realms of embellishment onto the aspect that was originally located via the emerald green diamond and then purified by the royal blue diamond.  So now that it is in the hands of the aqua~marine diamond energy fields it is now time to add the sparkles of the divine magic, the pearls of wisdom and unlock the doors into the infinity of creation.

The 12 champagne colored stars outlined in gold are simply an energy signature that is holding the 12th dimensional angelic divine blueprint and the bright pink/ fushia /magenta background color signifies the empowering founder/creator energies from the 15th dimension.

Angelically,  Catalina


You may freely share this article/blog post as long as the credit Catalina’s Angel Inspirations are included with the sharing.

PS.  Triple Diamond Spinner is not available for purchase as it is part of Catalina’s Angel Inspirations Artistic Educational Library, though if you resonate with this particular art piece a gicle’e (artistic print) can be made for you.

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