The heart time shield was a very interesting piece to me because it started out as a heart wheel that I was informed was overriding the “time matrix clocks” due to the love energies that were installed within this particular art piece.  The heart wheel was done with the pink fuschia hearts with a champage gold background.  The center heart, which is the 13th heart on this wheel, is the heart of “The Divine Mother”.  The energies of the number 13 are associated with “The Divine Mother” and that is why “she” had to be the biggest heart of all because her love is the most intoxicating of all the pure love energies.


All of the 12 hearts surrounding the “GRAND~Mother Heart” in the center are directly connected into her love via the inner gold hearts.  The 12 hearts are placed in the exact places that the numbers of a time clock would be and this is done so for a direct override of love energy within this time matrix that we live in.

See, we as humans are programmed to be on a time clock and to set our lives according to a time clock, a schedule and a calendar.  These time controls are what keeps humanity enslaved into the “perception of time”.   Time is a construct that was designed to keep humanity enslaved by the controlling forces of this planet.  There is actually no time, though due to the corruption of this matrix that we currently live in, we as humans do not actually know any better.

If we look to nature………….the animals are not on a time clock.  They actually live in present time and live in the moment.  That is how we are suppose to live too.  When we live in the present moment and not by the controls of a time clock we are actually freeing ourselves.  So the HEART TIME SHIELD is actually an activation art piece designed to activate the “Time For Love”.  Every moment of your life is a time for love and when you are in fact not operating from that time of love then you are stepping into the enslavement aspects of time.


The time matrix gives us an enslavement model of how to live our lives according to time.  We go to school and live with our parents until age 18, then go to college or get a job and make money.  Then find a partner to live life with, spend money, travel, have children etc.  Then you will grow old and retire.  Well, Catalina is here to bust that mold right open.  When we subscribe to the time matrix model then we also are subscribing to the “death codes”.  The “death codes” were created via the controlling forces so that way we would be hooked on a time clock, live our lives, have our precious life force usurped and then shed our bodies through some death process, to then reincarnate and do it all over again.

Our bodies were not designed for illness, death or time…………………these bodies that we have were designed for love and are part of the original Christ Consciousness Energy.  So love, live, breathe, relax, be kind to yourself and others……………we are going through some big changes now and new realizations of what and who we really are.


Angelically,  Catalina

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PS.  The HEART TIME SHIELD painting is not available for purchase as it is part of Catalina’s Angel Inspirations Artistic Educational Library, though if you resonate with this art piece, a gicle’e (artistic print) can be made for you.  Visit

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