Sending MY Hope to Hatti(A Near Death Experience Perspective)

When I read messages about the Hatti earthquake and others this morning, I meditated on all of the suffering going on the the world and I had a vision of souls as geese dropping in a huge frying pan,,, But then again... are we souls not just swimming against the current like lemmings.. moving toward our demise without realizing the painful experience that awaits us... throwing ourselves into that frying pan until one day we stop throwing ourselves into the frying pan and go another way... Pain is a quick way to learn lessons but there are other more subtle ways to develop spiritually...

If I am still alive in a physical body, then I still have lessons to learn by being in the frying pan that is this life down here in the dimension of time... There is a nearly 100% chance we will not make it out of the frying pan alive but some temporarily do and come back with visions and dreams of a better dispensation... then get thrown back in in the frying pan again because we are not ready... but we will all have our gooses cooked before it is through... For some it is a quick stir fry and for others it is a slow boil but the only way out of the endless cycle of abusing our souls is is to embrace love, peace, compassion and empathy for the other souls going through the same suffering we are going though instead of pushing others down to allow us to live one more moment in a body...

If we try to relieve the suffering of others in the frying pan of life, we may even find our own pain diminishes somewhat. If we shock the chef and start telling him we would appreciate if he would turn down the heat, sometimes he does... but ultimately we have ourselves to blame entering the stream we new would get our goose cooked.

There is a promised land where souls can laugh and play with one another but they have to get their lessons learned about helping one another first and then talking to the chef to learn the rules about playing in the promised land with the other souls before we get to enter in. To get to play and dance and sing our songs in timelessness, and timelessness is a long, long, long time, the chef of our souls wants to make sure we are well prepared to live in peace with the other souls with others who learned their lessons too. But until then, if you feel the heat down here then keep practicing loving kindness, being peaceful, sowing compassion and empathy for other and learn to talk kindly to the ones controlling the heat in your life and you will be less likely to have to return to this world of tear and pain, in the frying pan of time.

In y Near Death Experience, I witnessed the earth evolving toward light and devolving back toward darkness... back and forth over the ages but toward the end I saw a time when the earth was full of light... I had no sense of time but for those in Hatti... during this time of great human suffering and those helping or sending good thoughts... I hope the light comes sooner than later...

May Y-h(The sum of all love) bless those in Hatti first and then the rest of us next... Sending my hope for a better day for Hatti and the rest of the world too, a better day.

Sending hope to Hatti for a better day,



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