Pen Stroke Poetry Festival CALLING ALL POETS TO ALBANY, GA

My City is in the beginning of a major revitalization movement.  Last year, Albany, Georgia was rated #4 on a list of the poorest cities in the nation.  I firmly believe that we have gotten here by not utilizing our greatest resource- the people.


Over the past year, however, the artists of the area have been making awesome strides towards a renewed sense of self for Albany.  This work has brought a palpable sense of hope and responsibility to the people here.  Today, I find myself watching businesses open with an actual potential to flourish in our Downtown area.  Artists are displaying their work, people are attending poetry and other arts events and best of all, artists and merchants are working together to build beautiful vibes all over the place.


As a poet, I see my responsibility to state the case and call attention to the needs that I see in my world and especially in my community.  This is why I am calling out to you.  Right now what we need is A GRAND INFLUX OF POSITIVE ENERGY, PRESENCE AND POETRY.  





I am pleased to announce that our population AND our poets are ready and waiting for YOU to come down and show us what you've got.  I AM CALLING ALL POETS to join us in celebrating the Rhapsody that is Albany, Georgia.  Write with us.  Speak with us.  Learn from us.  Share with us.  And help us to bring enough love through this place at one time to make magic reverberate through to the following year.


Your presence and energy will go far in helping me to reach my personal goal, to help Albany re-define itself as an art city.  To do this, the people need to be reminded of their incredible talent and potential.  This is where you come in:

Our poets want to know how YOU POETS get down!


We will fill these three days with poetry of all kinds for all people.  All ages, cultures and perspectives.  


This will include: 

A Major show of Support by some of Philly's Finest

Youth Poetry Readings & Contests

Themed and unthemed open mic events

Writing & Performance workshops

A Poetry Slam

VIP Wine Tasting and Poetry Reading ( A Special session of UnPlugged Poetry)

Drum Circles

Midnight Erotica Poetry

and more.


All of the events will be situated throughout our small city so that when you come, you will see for yourself the woodwork from which the Pen Strokes emerge.



Tannur Ali

!!!!!SAVE THE DATES! JUNE 24-27, 2012!!!!!


Contact me for more info: 229-809-2491 or

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