"Someone rubbed Aladdins lamp and bingo gushed the oil where no one ever expected it- from underneath the depths of the earth's soil! Oil to make the sky and land glow, oil to fill up the coffers to overflow, oil for cities factories and farms, oil for ships, plans and arms. Oil for hospitals, universities and schools, oil for laboratories, machines and tools. Oil which made the desert thrive and bloom, oil for education, cultivation and room. Oil for EVERY imaginable thing! Oil that made people laugh and sing. Oil for magnificent palaces and fleets of limousines. Oil for luxury and extravagant means. Oil for Las Vegas, Cannes and Monte Carlo, oil for blonde gold diggers like Jean Harlow. Oil for expensive furniture and designer clothes, oil for rare perfumes, alligator purses and shoes. Oil for murderous warring factions, oil to keep them fighting and perpetuate their actions! Oil to build huge killing machines that cost billions and billions- you know what I mean.

How do you explain the burning of these oil wells? That turned the earth into a thousand HELLS. How do you explain it to the fish and oysters in the sea? To the innocent dolphins and the birds on the beach? To all of the creatures who are suffering in sorrow!? To your grandchildren who will inherit this mess tomorrow? To all of the beauty that has disappeared- to all of the animals who lost their habitat and live in deadly in fear. To the orphan who lost his father and to the widow who's left alone? Her worldly possessions now lost and her home gone.

Do you have to obey that ominous voice in the sky? Who in order to sell his weapons, will commit any lie! Haven't we learned from the tragedies gone by? What happened to the noble messages of our Prophets and Saints? Were their words stolen or taken in vain? If we don't wake up and learn from these horrid ways, we will only continue to wallow in pain. There will be no more clean water and trees to sway. There will be no more world for us to stay and play. Please do your part and help preserve "Earth" the most finest work of Art!" ~A.K. Ruslan 1922-2005 (my late grandfather), from his Book, "Laughter, Sighs and Cries" (copyright '93)

(my grandpa lived on the Gulf for quite sometime. He would watch the sunset into the beautiful deep blue waters. He would swim everyday and walk on the shores in awe of the beauty. I have not picked up his book in years, as I was a young child when he wrote it. I found a copy while cleaning out closets at my grandmas the other day and much to my dismay I found this prophetic poem which relates so much to our tragic situation now. He would be in tears right now if he saw these atrocities going on. May God rest his soul.)

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