Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

With over 1040 members now, our ability to Co-create Peace through Media is getting stronger and stronger each day. THANK you. Thank you for spreading the word, sharing your videos, your music, your blogs, your wisdom, your love and your awareness that we CAN and we ARE heightening the collective consciousness of our Human Family.

Not long ago, we asked you to consider voting on for the Idea to establish a U.S. Department of Peace, which would be focused on progressive ways to break the cycle of extreme violence in America and the World. Many of you voted for this, which (believe it or not) helped to move it into the final round of voting! If you voted for it already, now is the time to vote again, and if you haven't voted for it, now is the time to learn more and see if it makes sense to you. There is a little over a week left to vote, and if this idea makes it to the top 10, it will be presented to the Obama Administration. It is currently in 13th Place and needs only 337 more votes to make it to the top 10! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND VOTE.

In addition, there is a 2nd idea proposing an inter-departmental office (or a division in a Dept of Peace) for integrating empathy into government and every sector of society. We feel this idea fits nicely with the Department of Peace and we encourage you to research it and vote for it if it resonates with you. This idea is currently in 15th place, needing only 497 more votes to make it into the top 10. If this idea AND the idea for a Department of Peace make it into the top 10, then the possibility of seeing the Department of Peace established is greatly increased!

Thank you for reading and considering our call to action!

In Unity,
The MyPeace.TV Team

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