I stare blankly at the television,
my mind a thousand miles away.
The question tugs at me like
a child begging for ice cream-

What's my soul's purpose?

I've asked God a thousand times,
a thousand ways.
I've tried to read the signs,
find my flashlight.

All the while asking myself,
What's my soul's purpose?

Standing in line at the grocery store,
I notice the impatient, rolling eyes of
the woman in front of me.
She hates to wait.

Why? Is she in a hurry to get...nowhere?
I am in a hurry to get Know-where.

I want to Know.
I thirst to Know.
I am hungry to Know...
What's my soul's purpose?

There is a reason I am here.
There is a reason for everyone.
Some have found their purpose
and you can see it, feel it when you're near them.

It's an energy, a spark, a lifting
of the spirit. I'm closer to home when
around someone who is living
their soul's purpose.

They have found the key.
They are true to themselves.
They see the Divinity within all.
They realize we are one.

We all have our own purpose to find,
to live, to achieve, to believe in. naturally, beautifully happy
and content.
In their newness to this earth,
they remember. They are connected to
their soul's purpose.

Time passes.
We become wrapped up in the unimportant,
forget the important...
forget who we are.

I want to know who I am.
I want to know my soul's purpose-
I will find my soul's purpose and
Live it out loud!

Copyright 2009 Ellen M. DuBois

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Comment by Thomas Moloughney on August 20, 2009 at 9:53pm
surrender totaly to within, give away what we eperience from within so we can continue a new experience, share our suffering because it is the same suffering of one and all and finaly when all suffering dies all is one. Love and Peace Tom


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