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When I was in advertising sales, I often ran into the typical objection, "Nobody reads your publication. Why waste money on an ad nobody's going to see?"

While I understood this was their way of saying- I don't want to spend any money on advertising right now- I also knew my job. Not one who likes a combative approach, I'd usually end up in a conversation about business in general. My client would share how things just weren't like they used to be. The eighties were great, they'd… Continue

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My E-Card In Memory of Those Loved and Lost on 9-11-01

My Sword The Dove, an e card I wrote after 9-11, in memory of those loved and lost.

Love, Light and Peace to you,

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Yet You Say You Love?

You shun the man who has nothing-

shooting glares of disapproval across a crowded street.

Yet you say you Love?

You walk by the man in the gutter who is crying out for life, holding on by his fingernails to exist not knowing why.

Yet you say you Love?

You look at hungry children on television and wonder why they show such things without an ounce of compassion in your heart- not recognizing their vulnerability.

Yet you say you… Continue

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Live Your Soul's Purpose Out Loud!

I stare blankly at the television,

my mind a thousand miles away.

The question tugs at me like

a child begging for ice cream-

What's my soul's purpose?

I've asked God a thousand times,

a thousand ways.

I've tried to read the signs,

find my flashlight.

All the while asking myself,

What's my soul's purpose?

Standing in line at the grocery store,

I notice the impatient, rolling eyes of

the woman in front of… Continue

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Emerge, to bring forth-

to gush out-

with raging force.

To change, to transform-

rising far


the norm.

Emerge, and find out

the taste of life-

what it's about.

To know yourself-

to follow through.

Find the path

that's right for you.

Emerge, blossom anew.

What's right for me?

What's right for… Continue

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Go within to to see beyond...

Still don't know what went wrong. A piece of my soul is gone, is gone...Calling, yet I stay away. Tomorrow is another day. Whispered words upon my breath- only my ears to hear. A veil of fog clouds my sight- things only 'appear' unclear. Go within to to see beyond- self created reality. The fog will lift. The light will shine, and then my eyes will see.

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Dare to Dream!

Hello Everyone,

This is from the first website I ever built- Writings of the Heart. It's been around for, oh...about eight years. Over that time, I added many of my writings, mostly poetry/prose. Actually, it's time I added some newer material. Anyway, Dare to Dream! is from Writings of the Heart. I hope it speaks to you in whatever way it's supposed to.

Love,… Continue

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Collective Thoughts for Peace

Collective thought has gotten us where we are-
if you believe thoughts are energy.
Turn those thoughts from dark to light,
and the light they produce will be brilliant.
Ellen M. DuBois

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Just wanted to set those animals FREE.


There are new photos of the Brockton Fair on my page. Although I love the animals I visited, I was overcome with such a deep, profound sadness. The energy I surrounding me was almost surreal- I felt 'caged' as the animals were- so far removed from their natural elements. I didn't expect this feeling to be so strong, but it was. It may sound crazy, or 'out there', but that's okay because it's who I am. If you view my… Continue

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Quest For Peace

The song you are hearing, (to hear this song, just click here and my profile page will open- Quest For Peace will begin playing automatically), Quest For Peace, was composed and played by my mother, Marlane T. DuBois. It is a visionary song. It is her heart speaking out, through the Universal

This song tells a story. Listen...and you will hear it.

Beginning strong and powerful, then… Continue

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A Baby's Cry Among The Ruin

I wrote this shortly after 9-11. I believe the message applies to the entire planet- our children must feel safe and live in a world filled with peace.

Sometimes the world we live in is uncertain-in a moment what's known can slip away. And we feel as we walk among the ruin-our hope dwindle as we greet the coming day. Faces full of tears, such pain and desperation-you can almost feel it blowing in the air. Clouds billowing, a cold and sad…


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God's Rose

I took a lengthy walk today thinking I was alone.

I walked so fast I did not see the trees, the sky, the stones.

Something inside began to warm a place within my heart.

A voice began to speak to me- and it began to start.

Although the footsteps I could hear were certainly my own;

I know there was another set upon the open road.

It was as if another one was walking by… Continue

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What Makes Friends So Special

Friends: What makes friends so special is how they come to a mutual

understanding of the truth. Friends care enough to dig through any rubble

causing disharmony- restoring harmony. Friends are devoted and true to

each other. Friendship endures the most violent of storms, and finds

itself resting in the sun, on the softess of grass.

Ellen M.… Continue

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Christmas Time- All the Time- Peace On Earth

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all doing well and finding that peace within you.

Sometimes, it's hard to find. When you're having a tough day, dealing with a loss of any kind, or simply in a "funk".

Music is a part of who I am. I love teaching the piano to my young students. They bring a smile to my face on the dreariest of days. Kids have such a pure honesty about them- you can't help but smile :) They tell it like it is- "Miss Ellen, you wear too much… Continue

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The Mountainside

The Mountain I see before me

with its cliffs and jagged face

makes me contemplate my oneness

and bow my head in grace.

So majestic is its demeanor

so intimidating is its height

and to climb it all alone

will make all my strength and might.

My feet slip as I ascend

so uncertain are my steps

I look down at the earth below

and my heart fills with… Continue

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‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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