From 'news' that is old to........ turn-on-dime utterly News~z~Zing

"I read the news today, oh boy...

About a lucky man who made the grade..."

This Beatles song 'A Day In The Life' is the embodiment of utterly creative transmuting...

John Lennon actually refers to this piece of magic in the David Sheff NPR interviews from 1980 (aired on the day when John Lennon would have been 70); they literally just changed songs midstream and off they went, without prelude or apology, into a whole new world...


Change the dreamer, Change the Dream

I have two stories that spring to mind in relation to positive news, and they both are related to the oh-so-welcome Positive News (UK) publication.
y niece read a little article in this newspaper about an experimental college for 16-19 year-olds at a time when her own school & community experience were not pretty. She did end up going to this school and it truly changed the trajectory of her young life and her brother's also (who followed her out and through).
But she was not a passive recipient. That one little story awakened in her an element that had found no traction in the culture up to that point. That article precipitated an internal surge of Hope with a capital 'H'; what if I could... what if I could have that? Followed by the logistical roadblocks (attending required funds they did not have and was in another part of the country.. and she had 3 siblings all with their own growing needs).
What followed was a mother-daughter alignment to the potential of the offering; if this school was made for her, then doors would fly open (I have heard Quakers say this as "Way Will Open").
Long story short, they pulled it off, and the whole gestalt of how they did it was empowering (a new road map) to every character in that family unit. 
I was inspired by the Positive News as you might imagine and thrilled to find the newly launched USA version one year, with a presence at the annual Bioneers conference (I got to meet US editor Ilonka there).
 One day, on a trip back home from California to England, I rode the London Underground and found a newspaper on board, distributed for free throughout the train carriages in the network. This paper was a true tabloid; tuned to a frequency of broken dreams, mayhem & murder.
This paper was not 'free'; pick it up, ingest it, carry it away in consciousness; that was the cost.
Before that trip was through I was moved to try a small-scale social experiment. One morning I joined the train, and switched out every newspaper in one carriage for the Positive News, then sat back to observe.
The morning passengers boarded the train, absent-mindedly picked up 'their' paper as they sat; flip.., flip..., flip....; quizzical look..; double-check front cover. From that moment there was a distinct divergence of reactions; one was an instant discard, and the other was renewed interest and a dive-back-in-with-relish. I watched as these early morning commuters began to really read and, ultimately, to disembark with 'their' copy of the Positive News.
Thus spreads a meme.

But there is a very real aspect to so-called 'bad' news attraction, and it is present in relation to the John Lennon NPR story. The interviewer, David Sheff, was profoundly moved by this very intimate domestic invite into the lives of John & Yoko and their young son Sean; every day for 3 weeks he got to be in their home and talk about everything and anything under the sun.  Then, 2 days after the interviews were published, John Lennon was shot dead. I don't not want to know this in the context of the story. David Sheff, was rocked to his foundations and, as a 22-year old, by his own accounting, it became a defining episode in his young life.


Most all of us have had the experience of not being told something that is important to us. That too can be traumatizing and may play into what has emerged as a dominant cultural trait; we want to know everything but then the horrific-on-a-grand-scale tends to have the most charge and, unwittingly, leave an insidious residue in our emotional body, with knock-on effect over the longterm, to the physical.

As humans, we are not designed to process endless waves of shock-horror.The effect can be crippling.., and maybe that's "lamestream" news.

I think it was Dr. Andrew Weill first said in Spontaneous Healing, if you really can't unhook from what is being dished up as 'news', at least delay tuning in until the so-called 'news' is a week old. Then, it has been found, the undermining/diminishing effect (that makes you sick, literally) is itself diminished.


Now Concerning "Utterly":

"From 'news' that is old to........ turn-on-dime utterly News~z~Zing";

Utterly is a carefully chosen word

It derives from uterus;

Conceived in the womb of time;



It's time to use Our Words; heartwords;

"Words were created to share the pictures we carry In Our Hearts..";


"WE PLURIBUS" did just that.

Indymedia of course adopted Jello Biafra's line; "Don't hate the media, become the media!"

And SF Bay Area delight, Wes Scoop had a notorious penultimate line always at the end of his radio broadcasts;

"And.....If You Don't Like the News, Go Out and Make Some of Your Own"

from the 2nd half of 'A Day In The Life' song:

"And somebody spoke and I went into a dream....

I heard the news today, oh boy,
four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire,
and though the holes were rather small,
they had to count them all,
now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall,
I'd love to turn........ you....... on........."


So now..., if you feel buzzed, go sign:

Petition for more Positive News on facebook.


Write some yourself!!


You never know who will be changed

by what you wrought.

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