Free 100% Scholarship become a 200hr Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner!

Do you consider your livelihood?

The Thai Yoga livelihood is about securing the necessities of Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity for ourselves and all mankind. It is a way of working that's as good for the person doing it as for those receiving. It does not cause you harm and makes you stronger and healthier the longer you do it , unlike other forms of "healing" which may cause repetitive stress and occupational disability the longer you do them. Causes no pollution or disadvantage to others or to the planet. Is carbon neutral and is energy efficient. No forest have to be cut down to grow and support the work and no third world countries have to be invaded or colonized to secure resources necessary to do this work. You can be completely honest and yourself in every way while you do this work.This work requires no special licensing or "special" testing in order to be practiced professionally and is perfectly legal in all 50 states in the US as well as virtually every country in the world today! By joining our program and learning how to share this work with the world, you not only make or improve your potential for income but improve the quality of your life for your self and everyone around you.

Do you dream of having an exciting, lucrative career in Yoga, Thai Yoga, Thai Massage or Yoga based Therapy and education?

Give yourself the gift of the Practical Expression of Loving Kindness by joining The Thai Yoga Center for a
Free 200 hour CEU Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Program! Qualify and Pay NO tuition at all.

Be generous, share this offer with a friend!

Free CTP (Certified Thai Practitioner Program)!!

We are concerned for the continuing squeeze that many Americans are under and we have decided to extend the FREE 200 hour Thai Yoga CTP Program until further notice! We are answering the big squeeze with generosity. The answer to the pressures being placed on the world economically by the greed and misuse and mis-allocation of our nations resources is to focus on economies based on love and compassion, self discipline and selfless service. All Yoga based therapies and healing ways share these qualities. We are offering prove to prove our commitment to service by teaching you everything, absolutely everything in our program for free as a gift to you and the universe.

That's right, you read this correctly! The Thai Yoga Center is the only Yoga school in the world offering the full CTP professional Certification Program for FREE!

We believe, that the economy is in depression and that many students are not able to attend these valuable programs because they simply cannot afford the tuition. If you are one of these students we are reaching out to you with this scholarship offer. If you see any value in learning, practicing and sharing this vital and popular traditional healing way, you have no excuse now not to participate! Learn Thai Yoga, Thai Massage, become a recognized professional, become a teacher and share from beginner to expert you can be confident that you are part of a genuine tradition based on generosity in every way. Why pay huge tuitions for similar training when you can learn here for free?

The free CTP offer will be extended to the first ten students, to register for any scheduled CTP program. We will give a full 100% Tuition and a FREE CTP!

This is a genuine offer! This is the most comprehensive, dedicated and highly respected original Thai Yoga Certification program in the US!

Want to see our many approvals and recognitions? Click Here!

Whats the value of this Free CTP program to you? Read this!

The full Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner program tuition is currently $3,495.00. A CTP is a 28/32 day, 200 hour CEU boot camp intensive style training and certification program covering all of the 5 basic courses required to be competent Thai Yoga and or Thai Massage practitioner. In addition, the CTP's include all 10 additional certification modules such as Thai Table, Thai Chair, Thai Herbology, Breast Care and Cancer Prevention, Usui Reiki Attunement, Reishi yoga etc. Many schools and teachers will charge you extra for these courses. The additional modules separately priced would cost an additional $1,700.00. That brings the potential total value of this incredible program to $5,195.00!

However, thats not what you have to pay! Today the full tuition for this $5,195.00 value CTP program is Completely FREE!

No one else in the country. I repeat NO ONE else if offering a full professional, 200 hour State Approved, Internationally recognized Thai Yoga and or Massage and Bodywork Certification for FREE! There are many schools and even private instructors who will charge you much money for less content!

Want to start a new career? Many of our graduates have used this training to make successful career changes.

Want to make more money? We have graduates who are now making in excess of 100K per year exclusively practicing Thai Yoga! You can see some of them in National Magazines such as Yoga Journal, Massage Magazine and Massage and Bodywork, Sports Illustrated among others. Our programs and graduates have been featured in these and other national publications for more than 20 years. We are releasing by December our new high end professionally produced Thai Yoga and Thai Massage Series Video's through one of the most prestigious video production companies in the world of health and beauty industry.

Upgrade your existing practice? You started with a basic practice but have hit the wall. Now both you and your clients or students want more! Advanced training with master instructor could be the key to unlocking your future in this work.

Train with a recognized international program and Master instructor? Why not? If you have the opportunity to train with a recognized master teacher for FREE, why would you go anywhere else? No other school of Thai Yoga and Thai Massage in the US is offering their entire Certified Thai Practitioner Course for free!

Take the first step towards teacher certification? The CTP is the first requirement to become a Certified and Registered Teacher of Thai Yoga and Thai Massage! Complete this program and your 1/3 towards becoming a teacher.

Already teaching? We welcome Thai Practitioners and teachers from other schools etc. who want to learn and take their teaching to the next level! (If you think the Free CTP is a good deal? Consider also that we are currently offering our full 800 plus hour Thai Yoga Teacher Certification program is only $8.80!) Additionally, you can transfer your hours from other programs!

Take the first step towards a Holistic Health Provider Diploma? The CTP is the first step towards the possibility of becoming a Certified Holistic Health Provider. HHP Graduates are eligible to sit for the Naturopathic National Boards for Traditional Naturopath. Our program is the ONLY Yoga based HHP/ Traditional Naturopathic program currently available in the US.

Our intention is for this free program to open the doors of possibility for you and the health and wellness of our country and the world!

This is the real deal, a genuine offer for a free program in the longest, ongoing Thai Yoga program in the United States! We have been teaching Thai Yoga and Thai Massage full time since 1983 and we can help you to as well. You owe it to yourself to at least check us out. Don't let this offer pass without having a look?

We must receive all request to receive the scholarship by email, free slots are awarded on a first come basis, determined by when we actually receive a deposit towards required housing. Everything which would normally be included in our residential CTP program is included in the scholarship. Exclusions are the same as well.

To see a breakdown of whats included and whats not? Click here!

To see a complete description of the next CTP program for January 2010

No other school or program is able to make such an offer! You may never be able to do this training and certification program again for free!

Register today for your FREE 200 hour Certified Thai Practitioner Program at The Thai Yoga Center! If you know anyone who has an interest in Learning Thai Yoga and becoming professionally recognized as a practitioner or teacher, you must forward this email to them. This offer is subject to expire or change at anytime, however, once your approved your in!

The Thai Yoga Center
ITTA, Inc.
4715 Bruton Rd
Plant City, Fl 33565
(706) 358-8646

The free CTP program, 100% class offer is only valid for the first ten (10) respondents per individual CTP. Registration may be applied to any full 200 hour CEU 28/32 day residential CTP (Certified Thai Practitioner) program in 2010. This offer is valid for review students as well. Housing, transportation and materials fees are not included in this offer. This offer may not be substituted for any other program. To qualify for this FREE 200 hour program you must be a resident of TYC during the full term (33 days) of the CTP being attended in dorm or camping. This program may be included and or applied to the Holistic Health Practitioner Program and or the Thai Teacher Certification Program. This free class offer does not apply to partial and or student at large registrations.

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