A Whopping 2,053 Live Confirmed Leads Generated In 19 Days!

19 Days ago a group of people embarked together on a marketing plan geared to take their business to a new level, new heights in growth and profitability.

A marketing plan using current trends, technological breakthroughs, robust advertising, article marketing, Web 2.0, a funded proposal and a bunch of other rock solid business principles combined into a fantastic recipe! A marketing strategy which would allow the team to use proven marketing tactics online and offline to generate the results they were looking for, in their business

A concept which was brewing for 4 years in the mind of their Coach Nadira Haniff dubbed – 180DaysToGreatness! A powerful, mind blowing business formula of hard core marketing, blended with rock solid business principles, accounting principles, robust skill set building and a mindset to plant your flag at the top of the mountain!

Nadira, as a coach believes in this team so hard that this group cannot envision anything else but winning in business. Each is taught that no matter who you are ‘There is a leader in you’ – we just have to help you to find that champion and bring him/ her to the surface.

What’s even more outrageous is that no one in this team benefits financially from the other, not even the coach! Each run independent businesses! Yet they have banded together as if their lives depended on it, combining skill set and mindset, encouraging and supporting each other.

This team of 18 has delivered a whopping, 2,053 live, telephone confirmed leads together in just 19 days! All 2,053 leads have already agreed to receive information live on the phone! And none of these are store bought leads! All organically generated by the efforts of this phenomenal group online and offline! None of the hocus pocus, going around in circles, get rich quick internet stuff! This is the real deal! And this group is only warming up in their first 19 days!

Their coach has put together a fool proof formula to building a business, achieving growth and profits, while earning short term money upfront! A formula now called 180DaysToGreatness which this group will be able to duplicate with their own teams and EXPLODE their businesses not by fluke but by a duplicable, robust marketing plan and execution!

(Just before the writing of this article, the Program 180DaysToGreatness is being launched to the public, limited to 500 enrollments ONLY!)

Nadira Haniff is a highly successful entrepreneur, business woman, coach and inspirational speaker who has inspired thousands of people to build the courage to win in business.

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