Mass mind fear or Create your own Reality!?

Hello friends, just sending out a friendly reminder here...

What do you want? Are you able to remember, during these trying times, that where your attention goes your energy flows? Tis a fact, to be sure. Focus on economic collapse, and you will be drawn and guided to begin to create that for yourself. Focus on creating what you want, and you will be drawn and guided to create that for yourself instead.

As you focus upon a thing, you freeze it in space/time and it actually begins to expand within your consciousness. As it expands within your consciousness, you become more magnetic to things of like vibration to the this state of consciousness that you are frozen within. Eventually, after focussuing upon it for long enough, you will create a reality to match this state of consciousness.

My advice? Turn off the TV, quit watching the news, don't read about the stock market. In other words, tune out the fear based media of The Mass Mind. The masses are plugged in, busily creating a very fear based limiting reality for themselves. This does not mean that you need to participate. In fact, you could decide that you want to be a shining example for all the people around you and demonstrate the ability to transcend limited thinking.

This does not mean ignore an obvious physical reality in front of you, something that needs your attention and a certain amount of physical action. It does mean do not focus upon the things that create fear and limitation.

Focus instead upon the things that bring joy, happiness, peace, laughter, FUN! What do you want? What do YOU want?

I want unlimited abundance. I want prosperity. I want harmonious interactions all day. I want Divine Right Action. I want to achieve ultimate success. I want to experience the bliss of total peace.

These things sound good to you? They do to me!

Christopher A.Pinckley, cpt

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