Prem Rawat began speaking at an event in Hong Kong, on May 26, 2009, by saying this:

"As we have chosen this endeavor to realize, to recognize that most important thing that is inside of us. Not everybody in the world does this. There are people who are involved with their ideas, their doctrines, the economics; the building of the empires, destruction of the empires. People choose different endeavors in their lives. A few throughout history choose the endeavor to recognize the divine within."

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Glad it made you "smile" Pop! Enjoy...
I wondered whether you might be interested in Caduceus. It is a spiritual book but based on fact and best evidence and identifies Kundalini as the initial, common and unifying element in all religions and spiritual movements. 'If we choose to interpret and worship in our individual ways that is our prerogative, however we should seize this opportunity to dispense with the ridiculous and vicious downward spiral as a result of perceived differences of religious thought.'

Caduceus discusses the history of Kundalini and the remarkable parallels it possesses with the Near-death-experience.

Further information can be found at
Thanks, I'll look at the link. Overall I try to keep my thinking pretty simple and just go for the feeling using the techniques I was shown by Prem to take my senses inside. Questions get answered through that in a lovely way but thanks again.


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