So, how was it? What music/artists/DJs? Thanks!

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This will be my first. I am was fired by corporate America, T-Mobile, because I didn't want to have work only for a posibility of making money. I could really handle working for Non-corporate American, Right now. So I created something called the Labor Notes Commission, registered under President Obama's United We Serve program. and and mail at
I volunteer with the Democrats and Organizing for America now. I really like Dennis Kuchinich.
I think dancing for peace, and for an economy of the Light of the Creator on Earth is beautiful.
Peace from Justice, Justice from a Light Economy. The Light Economy from We the People.
I think work should be something you enjoy doing. I myself have a lot of things I would love to do that is considered "work" that I consider "helping out".. Unfortunately either I need a very expensive peice of paper that states I can do that work or its volunteer. The way the world revolves around money is rediculous on many levels. I just want to do my part, Im sick of being pushed around by corporate America just because I have bills to pay.
Sara, There are sooo many people like us. I believe the answer we all are hoping for is not to try to fix the messed up money system we have, but to create a new, different one.
When you volunteered to help the community you brought the Light (of the Creator) to Planet Earth. We can assign a numeric value to that work. One hour of that work is equal to one 'Lumin', or Light unit. We can then all agree to issue 'currency' off of that Lumin. This new monetary system has no banks. All we need is an issuing institution that we all can trust. The Shakers of Maine, or a progressive radio station in Phoenix, or Mrs. Obama in a group of us... (well know, trustworthy)
From scarity to Abundance, abun-dance. It is a kind of co-op. We the members need to meet anually to keep the human relating network strong. Perhaps this Earth Dance is a great time for the financial co-op to meet each year.
we all can have 100% funding for all public good services: health care, education, fire protection, crime protection, emergency service, DMV services, park service... and that also means good paying jobs for everyone in the co-op. You can think of it as the Light Economy and the Light Market. The Sam's Club for us Peace and Justice types.
Reavis...I don't remember the names of the DJs, but it was a great time. It was about 4 years ago and the thing that stands in my mind is when everyone gathered for the Earthdance prayer/meditation... very powerful!


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