The choice of November 11 for World Unity Day has been questioned by some, who feel it is in conflict or competition with what is recognized by some countries as an official holiday to honor and remember veterans of war - a holiday that originated from the symbolic ending of World War I in 1918 on the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month"...originally known as Armistice Day. The holiday has come to be known as Veterans Day (USA), Remembrance Day (Canada, UK), and is still called Armistice Day in France, Belgium and New Zealand. While this date is not recognized by the vast majority of countries and people throughout the world, as the anniversary of the symbolic end of the first World War, it seems to me a fitting context to honor and remember all veterans of war, as we celebrate our diversity in a spirit of unity. In addition, there is an interesting correlation with this date that comes from the "metaphysical community" that believes 11/11 symbolizes humanity awakening to the spiritual concept of Oneness. This, along with my intuitive guidance, is why I chose November 11. Regarding this, I think Dick Ellis, World War II veteran and former Mayor of Sedona, AZ, who saw a positive connection, said it best in his speech at the World Unity Day event on November 11, 2008: "most veterans serve their country with the hope of winning peace...with the long term hope of world unity". Personally, I think the merging of meanings for this date marks an auspicious metamorphosis that will lead to a more unified world. What are your thoughts and feelings?

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It makes perfect sense to me that November 11th would be chosen for "World Unity Day." Symbolically, it certainly is making an important statement in reinforcing all that our Veterans do and have done for our country. Too often, they are overlooked from the entire gamut --jobs to media to health care. It would also give a focus at a time when we have the opportunity to rejuvenate the American spirit and include this important day highlighting our veterans, thanking, respecting and appreciating their service--in how they fought for our freedoms today and how through unifying and accepting diversity in our world population, that peace is a realistic achievable goal.
Well, I think in a perfect world, there would be unity every day, thus, no need for a set holiday. But, we don't live in a perfect world, which creates diversity, and that fact is perfect in itself. I think November 11 is a terrific choice, and for all the reasons that you have clearly stated above.
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