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This topic is intended to help us share our greatest visions about human potential and how we want the world to be in the future. It may not always be easy to be optimistic...but let's see how much we can inspire each other. When you envision the grandest possible future for all people, and the world..what does it look like?

Since we are always evolving, your ideas may change, or you may have new visions....

feel free to share more as you grow :)

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Eventually mainstream religions evolve towards nondualistic realization of cosmic consciousness through laity lead social networking. Inner peace is then known, taught, and realized by each. A collective of awakened minds peacefully resolve perceived differences and inequities. Fear is replaced with love and understanding. Death losses it's sting. Balance is found in human affairs.
It is my vision that we will all one day see with the eye of the soul instead of the eyes of  the body, only then will we be able to see the true self and others.  It is my  vision that we listen with our minds instead of our ears this is the true way of hearing the things that man ought not hear because only then will man know what the secrets of true living mean.  For it is written that nothing is hidden from man everything is in the open one must learn the ways to get there.  With in these  Peace For All Men  and are there for the taking.  The thing that keeps man at  odds with each others is fear, once fear is conquered we would have won Peace for all.
My greatest Vision for Humanity and the World, is for the human of this world to start understanding each other because it is my belief that if you understand an others person you will then get the full since of what it is to be that person.  We all live different lives in different places put we are all connected to gather just being humans, we are all the same.  Once we understands cultures and stop judging by beliefs we can start excepting others for who the are instead of who we think they should be,  Except the for being human beings just because would work wonders.  Share the peace health care for one another become a service for  people no matter who it is.
My greatest vision is that eventually, mankind will truly embrace their humanity and thus fully comprehend the depth, meaning and completeness of it's connection to all else... for from these actions the harmony and balance of peace shall evolve...



It requires a conscious effort onthe part of all humans to broaden their vision of the things around them andworld at large.

Human Endeavour is so much rootedin materialism that most would not bother about what happens to others. Acompassion and understanding is required. We have progressed externally and buthave not made an inward journey. Where is altruism? Who thinks of our biologicaland spiritual linkages to all beings and to the world we live in? We have littlecontrol over our temptations. Unless we control ourselves we cannot control catastrophe.



Well, what I would very much like for the world is what I think a lot of people on this site envision and that is for us to be evolved a part of the solution and not the problem.  We are on a mission via a very good singer by the name of Jose Hendrix who is from The Congo in Africa - two albums to his redit, his vision is to spread peace, love and joy in an international music collaboration which involves children and educating them in music and the arts...not in guns and bombs and war.

To be able to feed out hungy - both down the street and across the continents would be wonderful.  To clothe our poor would be wonderful.  To agree to disagree in harmony would be wonderful.  I am so gald I found this site.  You wil be hearing from me a lot I am sure!  peace out to all of you who might be reading this and blesings of course.


If we all think ,we are different and the 'struggle against others for our existance ' is the basic principle of the life ,there the problem starts.when a dog looks a mirror it can see its image on it. But it thinks that that is an another dog and barks against that ,finally all the peace in its mind losses and become physically and mentally very weak.This duality makes the problem.If we think all of us are one and the same spirit is enlighten our soul,the problem ends there.That thinking is the divine.The earth,nature & all the living and non living things are the part of the same divine spirit.This thinking is supported by the modern physics also.In the micro level all is the same.So no need of division in the macro level also.
More spirituality. Less organized religion. No organized religion. In fact, screwl religion.

Now a days Firarms are common in two major crime above all.
If we stop the using of firarms then we control these crimes.
There are two aspects of this rule.
1> Cut his/her left hand who kill someOne and cut his/her both hands who kill someTwo by using firarms..

2>Cut his/her right index finger and Thumb who Rob someone by using firarms.
The Logic is that no man can kill more than two persons.After cutting the both hands a man Can't do anything.
And after cutting the left hand a man can't use any type of weopon like guns.Which in most left hand is used to load the gun and without loading a gun can't fire.
He cannot drive after cutting the left hand.
Index figer and thumb of right hand are two important organs involved in killig
I.finger is used to Trigger and thumb is used to control the force of re-action of the gun.

These are universal laws and applicable in every where around the globe.
And the result will be same.
There will be all Peace in Jeroshelm,Kashmir,Iraq,Afghanistan............
And all over the world,
Live for peace not for War.


‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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