Let's use this forum to share things we are grateful for :)

Ok, I'll start...

I am grateful for

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ALL of you!!! :)
It would be easy for me to look at my life and decide there was more wrong than right. From the outside it may look that way at times, but in my heart, where the real reality lies, I am full and for that, I am deeply grateful.

I have so much just because I am alive. It's easy to forget that simple but profound fact and what it really means. Being grateful is simple, not easy.

So, no matter what our circumstances or problems, let's all remember the beautiful fact that we are still here and because of that, there is always hope, always room to grow and see all that's being given.
I am first of all grateful for over 10 years of clean and sober living. Without the grace of God, AA, and the enlightenment of the 12 steps, all else that I am grateful for would most likely be missing from my life. I have found 12 stepping as a brilliant consolidation of all the spiritual views and philosophies that I have encountered. I enjoy a rigorously honest, laughing, and loving life now. I have found work that I love, friends and family who 'get' me, a wonderful living arrangement, and abundance in responsible prosperity, including 2 new cars :)

I am also grateful for this opportunity to express my gratitude. (It is helping awaken me from a lapse into 'pity pot' thinking)
So Thanks to you Yaron for starting it off! ~Sunnyjay
I am grateful that a place like this exists, especially on this date, November 27, 2008, when India is in the midst of horrific events. I am grateful to know there are other people in the world who crave peace, who understand that we are not "Americans," "Indians," "South Americans" "French," etc. but are instead one people. I am grateful that my heart is open, that I am able to cry while I watch the images on CNN. I am grateful that I do NOT have hatred in my heart.

Hatred is so easy. Love is natural but does require conscious thought at times. Hating those who hate us is easy. Finding a place in my heart that has love for those who hate - that has taken me many years to find. I am grateful to have lived long enough (I am 49) to have found that place in my own heart.
Yes.I am surrounded by so much love I love so much that I am truely blessed. I feel so deeply hurt that humans are treating other humans as they are today in India and all other tragic sites that simply are discarding humanity. Mankind without humanity is to be a savage.Hate is poison and when ingested kills in so many ways.I wish we could connect the dots among us all and create an immunity to hate.Perhaps in time we will do exactly that.Hope.....~~D ``PEACE ``
You are right about age. My point was simply that so much of my life had passed before I learned how to love. I do not regret that so much time had passed before I learned the lesson of love. I am grateful to have learned how to love! And oh, I feel so very young. I have fallen in love with a wonderful man, eight years after I lost my husband to liver cancer. I thought that part of my life was over and here I am, feeling like a teen-ager again. What fun I am having. What I am saying is I am learning that life never stops getting better if you keep your heart open. You are so right! I want to live longer too - but then I am also excited at the thought of what comes after this life, even though I don't know what does come after! Peace and love to you.
I am grateful to find a web site like his that truly aspires me to be a better person. Thank you MyPeace.TV!
i am grateful to be breathing and looking at this screen with so many beautiful words of inspiration. endlessly grateful for my daughter and unspeakably grateful to all of you combining your powers. XD gorgeous
Im grateful for found love, family and life.
every breath I take
i am grateful for learning of this place i exsist, how intricately beautiful, how powerful, how abundent, how good,.
all that touch my life even in the worst of times...i am grateful... today...the presence in this world
There are plenty plenty of things I am grateful for since I got awaken and recognized how I was so guided by the Divine Light. Right now I am immensely grateful for finding and getting into so many great communities filled with great souls who actions are for the highest good of all. That alone fills my day and my nights with Joy and Peace. Thank you all and Thank You to my Divine Guidance.


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