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I study the teaching of the Universal Spirit within me ... and I share what I hear the spirit say to me.

I hear the spirit say ...

"When you remember me--you will no longer imagine me to live in only one form ... for I am the One formless spirit who lives in all forms. You will remember that I am all that is seen and unseen. I am the formless--experiencing myself in all forms and relationships. I experience myself through you. I am you and you are me. I am you when you forget me--I am you when you remember me. When you remember me--you will see me in all that is within you and all that is around you ... as you experience this--so do I--for I am every experience combined. And ... you shall come to find that the experience of sadness only happens so that you can experience the joy that always is ... the joy that I always am. Yes, ... I am the forgetfulness that happens so that you can experience appreciation for the remembrance that I am. When you remember me--you will love yourself with all your heart ... and ... you will love everyone with all your heart--for you will know that you know--there is only One ... One ... and I am you .. and you are me .. and they are you .. and you are they .. and they are me .. and I am they--Al(l)ways--even in the moments of forgetfulness. Yes, ... I AM the formless spirit alive in ALL forms. Loving me with all your heart is the same as loving everyone with all your heart ... loving me with all your heart is the same as loving yourself with all your heart ... for the only way to love with all your heart--is to remember that there is only One Heart, One Love ... One."

this is beautiful!! I agree with every word here.
Så Vakkert skrevet.light til dere alle ...

</ p>

Tao Te Celery

Celery is my friend
Healthy and low in calories
I could eat it to no end
Provides loads of cellular energy

Some like it with cheez whiz
Some with processed PB
Not so healthy this is
And so it's not for me

Perhaps if it were organic cheese
And without plastic trans fats
It would do more to please
Thanks, but I'll take it without formats

Some don't care about health
Controlled by their senses they are
Searching for external happiness and wealth
They believe it's afar

But if they would just look within
And realize happiness is a choice
Only then they might begin
To renounce and rejoice

Proper nutrition is food for the brain
Mentally and emotionally balanced I become
From the negatives I will abstain
All-knowingness and profound peace are awesome

Never before has one written a poem
Beauty and grace just flows
Closer and closer comes saintdom
For that's what I chose

Most focus on the "me"
Instead of the All
So inner turmoil there will be
This is man's fall

One can only help others
To the level they improve themselves
This celery not only feeds my hungers
It provides wellness for all yourselves
Stuart Umpleby limerick
(tribute to Von Foerster)
If the world is that which I see,
And that which I see defines me,
And for each it's the same,
Then who is to blame
And is this what it means to be free?
Corrina Cop Rain rejoins:
What I see is indeed what I've thunk
and it's true there's a world to de-bunk
But the global new brain
Is a-thinking again
And this time without any junk.

What the bleep is a very real thing
And global new thought is Listening:
Listening for cues...
Finding bridges to use
Is how biomimicry sings.

The songbirds of global new thought
in the heart chakra foundry are wrought
No longer defined
by the brain that's the hind (reptilian)
We bring forth what it is that we brought.

It's not a cliché we're unique
and the Patterns are not all in Greek
You just have to focus
beyond hocus~pocus
old paradigm doomsday news~speak

Wonder and whimsy are tools
for paradigm-shifting old schools
immune systems after
Ripples of laughter
Swiftly restore Profound Fools.

Then vow when it looks bad to you
the shabby re-runs to eschew
Wave rather beyond
With your mind-changing wand
To where many have grown from the few.

We've fashioned and formed in the wings
All manner of life~serving things
For this carefully penned Page
to take center stage
We need now to highlight our ink~lings

In the wings all the inklings reside
Each a groom of a center stage bride
An evolving thoughtform
Is a marvelous brainstorm
As ancient and new coincide.
The five senses are all very well
But alone they will toll our death knell
We're multi-dimensional
infinitesimal potential
The doorway, the door and the bell.

So may all ill-begotten be gone
You can see I could go on and on
'til the cows fall asleep
and you're done counting sheep
And I rest my case neatly upon:

What it means to be free.

What it means to be free is to reach
Beyond what we see, smell and teach
Cour~Age is a trait
We've been honing of late
To be brave in the face of a breach

The breach will be bridged by our feeling
The ultimate outcome of healing
Feel into our Being
(believing is Seeing)
From time~released focused free~wheeling

So invite the next verse to unfold
As we're poised at the CourAge threshold
Like Lakota & Sioux
Us, them, me and you
Is all the same Being enrolled

Enrolled in this life game you're throwing
the party, the dice... and bestowing
the wealth of your Self,
Not left on the shelf
But transforming our world by Way~Showing.

COUR = heart- Courage (Age of the Heart)
= bravery from the core; quality enabling a person to think, act and speak irregardless of perceived fears and limitations.

breach n. An opening, a tear, or a rupture.
A gap or rift.

de•bunk (d-bngk)
tr.v. de•bunked, de•bunk•ing, de•bunks
To expose or ridicule the falseness…

Corrina Cop Rain McFarlane
Planet Earth
Peace, what is peace?
Is peace action, then reaction?
Is peace learning to love while seeking harmony?
What is the true meaning of peace?
Peace is action in display,
Peace is loving even if you have discord among brethren.
Peace is giving the essence to the one in need,
Peace is the true meaning of being free.

Jason J. Goodrich
Very nice
beautiful ^_^
I wrote this about my experience having a living master. I don't mean to compare him to these people because each master is totally unique, but I enjoyed the images so hope you do as well.

When the Master is here, it's not spiritual, it's sensual.

Women swooned, fell to their knees, head to his feet.
Men were in love.
In love.
Overwhelmed, choking back tears.

Cheeks ached when he joked. Such laughter. Total joy.
Eyes twinkled.
He rocked with bliss.
His body was alive, shining, like someone swabbed with oil.

Dark lover. Beautiful One.
Men envied the women he teased at the river.
Playing his flute transported those with ears to hear.
He danced with them all.
Not in metaphor.
He danced.

When the Master is here, it's not spiritual, it's sensual.

His power, palpable. His reminder, enjoy this life.
Feeling. Feeling.
Not imagination, not concepts.
No talk of virgins in heaven.
That all came after him.

It always does.

When the Master is here, it's not spiritual, it's sensual.

Not ideas. It's physical. It's in the living body.
Experience. Not books and words.
In the body. Of the body.

Body. The feeling machine.
Master. The one who turns it on

When the Master is here, it's not spiritual, it's sensual.

Perfect! Loved it!

I love it! Straight out of where wisdom from great prospects have endured their duty in creating harmony within our world.


…“Peace”, Is it just a five letter word that means to be “calm”?…

…Is it the stillness of the morning just before dawn?…

…Is it an innocent being like a bird, a bee, or a little deer fawn?…

…Is it a gift from nature, like a gust of wind, and with an instant it’s gone?…
…like a ripple from a drop of rain on a magnificent pond…

…Or maybe it’s a moment, in the midst of summer, admiring the sun, on a freshly cut lawn…

…Can Peace be all of these things or only just one?…
…Is it possible that there are so many, that you will never be done?…

…Peace can be quiet, Peace can be loud, Peace can be the beauty of a billowing cloud…

…Peace can be hidden, It can be seen, Peace can be dirty, as it is clean…

…We must keep in mind to always remember or it will slip away like the month of December…

…If we do not remain reminiscent of the simplicity of Peace, It often dies in the confusion of the streets…

…So keep Peace in mind, or you will soon forget, that Peace is a choice, in everything we get…

written by me on 8/15/08


‎"Why should there be hunger and deprivation in any land, in any city, at any table, when man has the resources and the scientific know-how to provide all mankind with the basic necessities of life?"
~Martin Luther King, Jr.



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