I want to know what your opinion of peace is.

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Hi Marissa! Nice topic :)

To me there is inner peace which comes when I am in the present moment and feel a deep awareness of my soul (eternal presence) and my connection to all life. I've learned that when people connect with their inner peace, they emanate an energy that creates outer peace. I wrote more about this in one of my blogs: "What is Peace?".

How bout you? What are your thoughts about peace?
Peace to me is a state of mind. I don't really know how else to put it though.
I think that's a good way to put it. It makes me also think about how inner peace comes from acceptance of oneself. When I can accept/love myself than it's easier to have a peaceful state of mind (and accept/love others as well).
Peace is a wonderful idea. The problem is getting everyone to agree with you. Historically, humans have settled disputes violently at least as long as history has been recorded. It's as if it's the only way we know how to solve major disputes. Wars of all scales have been fought over property, religious agendas and pride. The solution is to set the pride aside. Competition is a plague on humanity; everyone wants to be right and they can't wrap their heads around the idea that there are a lot of gray areas in life. Tolerance is key! Individuals base their beliefs on what the majority of people accept as normal... well if enough people were to accept that it's normal to be different then we wouldn't have any problems regarding discrimination or human rights violations. Other than that it's important to reach out to the less fortunate! In most countries there's a huge gap between the people on top and the people on the bottom, and there are some countries that are disproportionately poor compared to the rest of the world ! This is bound to lead to resentment towards people who are better-off. It's not fair and I believe it's our duty as fellow citizens of the planet earth to make sure everyone starts off on a level playing field. The first step towards peace is for everyone to stop thinking about what's good for "me" or "us" and start thinking about what's good for everyone. When I talk about these things I'm usually met with a lot of resistance or I'm blow off completely and I'm not sure how many people I can get on board but you can bet I'll be trying until the day I die.
my opinion is pretty sad, but its just how i feel n how i see things. so i think that peace is a beautiful thing to have within yourself, but there cannot be world peace beacuse most, not all, people in this world(sad but true) are selfish and dont care about anybody but themselves and there money. If people cared a little less about their money, and a little more about the world and the people in it, there might one day be world peace. Hopefully.
Peace is, for me, only one thing: A feeling. If it is not felt, it is merely a concept, a nice sounding idea. Peace exists within each person from the moment we take our first breath, and we feel it for awhile I guess, but so easily, as we grow, we leave that feeling and become distracted. That's ok, it's our nature to do so. But our heart's need peace the way our body needs water. It has to be real. I cannot tell my body "Think about water and you'll be fine."

I have a teacher/friend who gave me a simple way to go inside and feel the peace that is already there. He did not create that peace but he has the gift to take people to it. He never charges because, as he says, "How can I charge for something that is priceless? There's not enough money in the world to pay for it. It's a gift."

Here are some of my teacher's words. He offers to anyone what he's been showing since he was a small boy. He calls it Knowledge; the know how to go within, to know yourself. He says, "What you are looking for is within you. If you want help, look me up."

"It is not the world that needs to be fixed; it is people. When people are at peace within, there will be world peace.

The world doesn't need peace. You need it. You are the world. You are the world." Prem Rawat

watch short clip if you want:
First and foremost, peace is an idea of humanity. It can be achieved, but it is when the vast majority of humanity accepts themselves and understands true unconditional love. When the collective consciousness has gathered that understanding of this unconditional love, peace will prevail.

Peace is that of which there is calmness within the society where peace should be affecting. Not so much the lack of love, but more so that everyone has reached within themselves and with each other an understanding. A means of which people can have an interconnectedness with one another. Peace is an agreement with all individuals in the society to work towards a greater cause. Peace is the acceptance of one's self and the acceptance of everyone around them, understanding the perspectives of every individual in society are different. Peace within that society is where everyone in that society also understands each other. Being at peace is being truthful to yourself and accepting yourself. Peace is everywhere around us, but is hard to find because what surrounds us is the very veil that society has placed upon itself world wide. It is a very thin veil, but thick enough to distort the reality behind it.
Peace will thrive when there is no ego involved, ego can over power peace and harmony. Most confrontational situations are brought about because of egos. If you can put your ego aside in every situation things become so much clearer and harmony will rein. .

I believe that true peace is inner peace. That is why some can be at peace in any situation. Inner peace is the Holy Grail that we are all searching for. For thousands of years people have been trying to find the Holy Grail, but it is not (in my opinion) an object, it is something we all have inside of us, our task whilst on earth is to awaken and to try to do the same for as many others as we can.
Peace for me... Well... When I feel full inside

I recently went on a three day Inner Peace retreat.

The Friday night and Saturday day, I was feeling nice, but also very tied in knots
Struggling with letting go to the experience of just being.

Then saturday night, I had a break through... I felt something crack... and that deep warmth inside
spread throughout my body.. that was Peace right there, for me, I felt a deep deep Peace

This feeling of Peace, although a retreat helps, a place away from "The World", its not about retreats..
I know it's in my heart
My goal is to have that in my life, every single day, regardless of my problems...

That's what I am striving for!
Compassion for one and all. Stop the hatred, jealousy, envy, greed, judging, gossip, lust, seperation, ect. Build bridges instead of walls. Be content. Acknowledge and be thankful for what you have as little as it may seem. We all are "the Jones"

Do not give your energy to anything negative that will cause it to grow.

Peace is God
Peace is an individual experience. Peace is felt from within, it cannot be disrupted by events or people outside of ourselves. Peace is contagious, the more people who have it the more other people will catch it. Peace cannot be forced upon another person or country so we should stop trying. Feel your Peace and it will be felt and coveted by others, and this is a time you may then share your Peace. Peace ~ Carl


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