Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

Do you have any visualizations of Commercials and PSAs that could be created to inspire inner and outer Peace? Are you a producer of such media? Let's use this discussion area as a space for collaborative brain storming and co-creation. 
We look forward to your insight! :)

Peace, Joy, and Love to All,

The MyPeace.TV Team

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Yeah! this is what I look forward to! This is exactly what the world needs :D Is there anyway, if not already, that we can start to broadcast commercials, psa's, and shows about Peace? Maybe a single network solely dedicated to Peace and positive imagery? Something unlike the current events and news channels that broadcast only negative and war-promoting events. Something different and inspiring for the world! :D ☮

Camera zooms back from a closeup of a fireworks show at a major metropolitan area to reveal thousands of people's backs staring up at the sky.

Caption: So you went out to watch the fireworks...but will you vote?

(perhaps this would be better in the politics area but I believe that peace is impossible under the current American administration so voting is a big part of the picture)
A quick scrolling list of quotes on peace that looks like a slot machine screen. The highlighted quote would be different each time the user reloads the page or sees the commercial. Links from the quotes would lead directly to a peace organization working in a related field.
People of all Religions, Nations, and Color--holding hands and signifying World Peace
Are you a producer of such media?

For four years I've helped produce a TV show on local cable here called Words of Peace which features the addresses of Prem Rawat, also called Maharaji. There are some nice promos we've created on youtube. Look at tzmaxads user name if you want. These are directed at Prem's message but this is to show the quality for possible use on Peace TV.

Hope this helps.
I've been producing video since the early 70's working in broadcast television, educational and industrial TV facilities, as well as with the federal government. I have written, shot, edited, directed and produced TV shows, sporting events, training videos,promotional programs, most of my adult life.
Technically I retired, however; I am still very involved in local community access television which I helped start in 2000 and served on the board of directors for many years.
Currently I have three regular shows airing and will continue to create more new shows in the coming year.
Though none currently are specifically peace oriented, they are somewhat related.
One show, "Spirit Matters" is a half hour weekly show featuring interviews with people sharing their particular spiritual path. We so far have had as wide a range as from an atheist, to Christian faiths of all stripes, spiritualists, Buddhists, and a variety of Shamanic practices. Then, another weekly show features Kirtan, or Indian Devotional music, performed here at a yoga studio.
Additionally I produce a show for the local Humane Society featuring the animals up for adoption at the shelter.
I do have some raw footage of a peace march held here over a year ago and surely could shoot more related video if you have specific areas of interest. So, let me know how I may be of service.
Edward Conley
I think this would be the best thing that has ever been on TV! The only reason I ever put the TV in is when I'm feeling crappy and bored and the television is just numbing. If some peaceful commercials/PSAs came on, i would feel motivated and turn off the TV, and possibly go give out free hugs or something! Have you ever read the history of the free hug campaign? that would be a great story to use as a PSA!
Wanted an animator situated in London UK for 5 minutes project concerning project.
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