Before we begin, mystical and "religious" experiences have been a part of my life in the past and I believe will continue to happen in the future. But this is a discussion about peace through mysticism and peace through work. One of the biggest turn-offs to the general public regarding those that promote peace is that often mysticism comes first and work comes somewhere else down the line. I'd like to see that dynamic reversed and here is why:

If you are not working in a program, event, community group, etc. to promote change then you are not really helping the movement and are in fact a drain on the movement. It is up to us to create a movement that is active, self sustaining and sets and meets specific goals. We must educate those that think being free means not having to pay for anything (to steal a line form Frank Zappa).

So basically how are you bringing Peace to the forefront in your community?

Do you agree with my conclusion that work should come first?

What goals would you like our new group to consider taking on?

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In response to your second question, I'll say that I only partially agree that "work should come first", and here's the explanation of why...

The reason some people believe the opposite of what is expressed in your discussion is because from the perspective of science, quantum physics, vibrational frequencies, resonance, entrainment, electromagnetic fields, and energy oscillations, we literally do change the world by simply changing ourselves. Or from a spiritual point of view, it's called "karma", "your reap what you sow", the law of attraction", and so on. The "inner" and the "outer" are actually one and the same. Everything is energy and everything is affecting everything else in various positive and negative ways.

Changing the world doesn't necessarily involve any "doing", but rather just by "being" joy/love/peace/truth. Gorbachev harmoniously eliminated communism in Russia by hardly "doing" anything at all, and Ghandi took down the entire British Empire by "doing nothing". It was because of the peace that he was. It's why he said "There is no path to peace. Peace is the path." And it's why Buddha said "For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love. This is an unalterable law."

Although, this certainly isn't to say that good works are pointless, and that's why I only partially disagree with you. :) It's just that it's the intention behind the good works that truly matters, and not just the good works themselves. It's that intention that carries, and is, a extremely powerful energy field that emanates out to, and uplifts, (all) others.

I too have/witness mystical experiences, synchronicity, and "miracles" on a regular basis, and I don't particularly "do" much of anything except make it a point to abstain from negatives, and to be joyful, content, loving, accepting, forgiving, and peaceful. Intention is everything.

Or, to find the solution to your topic (achieving peace) from any entirely different perspective... If every single person on the planet made it a point to be peaceful in one's own mind, there would be total world peace. I know I can change my own mind, but I can't change anybody else's. I can influence others by sharing/teaching, but ultimately, it's still totally up to everybody else to practice the teachings themselves (if they want to). And if they don't want to, no matter. Their free will is their free will.
Great response!

I understand where you are approaching the topic from. In "The Razor's Edge" we learn a lot about achieving inner peace via "menial tasks" and finding beauty in every part of our lives. This in turn brings about a natural peaceful feeling...but is a peaceful feeling truly peace? Should you feel peaceful if you are demanding peace from your government? When you struggle for peace aren't you doing more for Peace than simply sitting on a pillow somewhere?

I met a man that collects food for local food banks at festivals. His back was sore, his legs were tired, he was covered in sweat, he was stressed out because his wife had to go into surgery the next day, but he was doing the most for Peace out of anyone at the festival excluding the musicians.

That's the point I'm getting at I guess. His group collected hundreds of tons of food for the Hungry this summer. He didn't talk about how I should think or behave, he asked if I could help and I did. Those are the moments that bring about peace in my opinion. Someone getting off their ass and saying...I can make a difference here and now.
I question the notion of a Religious experience. I believe we confuse the words Spiritual Experience and Religious Experience - more likely than not Religious Experiences are introductions to dogma- spiritual experience is what occurs when you move beyond the dogma and have an experience that is humanly unique.

thats my opinion.
"So basically how are you bringing Peace to the forefront in your community? Do you agree with my conclusion that work should come first?"

(Posted above)

I fully agree that too many who discuss "peace" don't work for it, either because they simply don't know how to manifest their feelings and caring, OR because they're lazy. I know plenty on both sides of that fence.

My own teacher and friend, Prem Rawat, talks to us about this very often; that it's fine and dandy to be lucky enough to feel peace, but that with that comes a certain responsibility, or at least an opportunity to help others, in a myriad of ways.

Myself, I do quite a bit of volunteering or "service" as it's sometimes called, to help let people know what I've found and how it affects my life every single day. Not everyone is interested but in my view, people have a right to at least hear and then decide if they are interested.

In addition, Prem began his own foundation a few years back that supports wonderful humanitarian efforts worldwide. I support that and another foundation called Music for Mankind which you can read about online if you wish.

Prem's link is

So yes, I see a great need for many conscious people to do more than discuss and enjoy it amongst themselves. There is so much more we can all do, myself very much included. I waste plenty of time, get distracted in a million ways, but we can keep on trying, mm?

Best to all.

Photo is Prem Rawat at the largest prison in Asia, offering his message of personal peace and freedom to hundreds, giving them hope and a sense that someone cares, despite what they may have done in their lives.

Speak in Peace, Take action in Peace, BE PEACE!!!

Whether you do things that bring peace to others or be something that brings peace to others, both are actions for peace, both equally valuable, either is right as it is natural to who and where you are at any given moment.


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