Most of our problems begin with misunderstanding. Misunderstanding of the other's culture, misunderstanding other's language, traditions, religious believes. We are all guilty of prejudice and generalization at one or another point in our lives. Humans fear what they don't recognize . We must listen better to each other, open our minds and hear one another. Most important learn and embrace all cultures and respect all religious or cultural beliefs. Our differences is what makes the world beautiful and fascinating. What else can we do to stop misunderstandings? Anyone?

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Hi Mom,

Beautifully said! Our good intentions will slowly make a difference!

Love, Danielle
I agree with you. I think that another thing that we can do is recognize that so many times we hate or dislike things about others that we ignore about ourselves. So many of us make judgments about the actions and reactions that others take in their lives, not realizing that we ourselves have made the same or similar decisions in our own. It's so important to begin our relationships, and understanding of others with knowing that we are all the same in so many ways. The differences are not to be ignored, though. As you said, they are to be embraced. But, fundamentally I believe that if we love and respect ourselves we can in turn love and respect more people, cultures and beliefs in general.
I also believe that we must be wary of the decisions that are made for us in many cases. For instance, the recent turmoil in South Osetia, Georgia. If you only pay attention to CNN or MSNBC, you will be pro Georgia and Anti Russia. But do any of us know the details of the dispute? Do any of us know the fundamental flaws in that relationship? How about the feelings and beliefs of the civilian populations? In so many places in the world the USA is viewed to be a collection of arrogant hypocritical people who put pride first. Most of the Americans that I know are not this way at all, but how is anyone to know that if all they know of Americans is the media? We must remain open to the truth of each experience. Each individual experience is important, and the more we expand our attraction to the individual experience, the less likely we are to generalize.
ths is exactly how I feel! Everyone has been a hypocrite in some point in their lives. Its easier to put blame on others instead of ourselves. I think trying to dissipate fear from every facet of our lives, would be a huge move toward global peace!
For me... when I make the effort to be at peace with myself, I find my abilities in listening, understanding, patience with others, maximise... Its hard to be at war with another when you are feeling great! : )
It's all about exposure. The more you're exposed to something, the easier it is to accept it as normal. Main-stream media tends to perpetuate stereotypes or avoids depicting certain situations altogether. In addition, people tend to associate almost exclusively with people that they share fundamental ideals with. We need to encourage and facilitate interaction between different cultures, and even their integration into a unified society. Not saying you need to completely abandon your culture and belief system, but its absolutely necessary to put less emphasis on that which makes us different on more emphasis on how we are the same.
Every time a problem arises, the essential thing is to immediately become aware that the problem comes from our selfish mind, that it is created by self-cherishing thoughts. As long as you put the blame outside yourself, there can be no happiness.

-Lama Zopa Rinpoche, "Transforming Problems into Happiness"
As someone else pointed out here, when the war with myself ends, it's sure to spread. I'm making peace with myself, slowly but very surely. I see how that affects the way I interact with others, how much clearer I feel about who I am and "picking my battles" wisely.

I don't anticipate that there will never be misunderstandings between people or that that will mean "peace" has come. Certainly though the world would be calmer and more content as we see the shared humanity in each person we meet.
Science has Proven that we are infact one. There for we should learn what it means to be apart of the One. That like others have stated must come from within the person. We sometimes feel it and show it when we are in a time of crises. The question is how do we keep it on!! Not Sure, but I would start with turning off the News! Educate our children, because they are a reflection of us. We should also have the worlds largest National Peace rally of all times and make the world open there eyes to the evalution of the human race as a species.


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