What does peace feel like? I mean really. I know you cannot put it into words but can you feel it? Have you ever felt peace? what exactly is the experience of it? again...i know you cannot put that into words. but do you feel it now when you remember it? and if so...what does it feel like? does it have a sound? is it influencing those around you? and if you do not feel it now, does it exist beyond your feeling? plus...regardless of all at peace now :) forever now :) one love all :) be well my friends :)

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I'm so very fortunate that by great grace, luck...who really knows, I found someone years ago who convinced me, by his care and kindness, that I needed help feeling what was so close to me but I didn't know it. I was a desperado for peace, even though I couldn't put it in words. I just knew I had a need for love that seemed almost too big to fill.

I went kicking and screaming to learn a way to turn my attention inside. I'm glad I did. More than glad.

I do feel peace now, every day when I practice the simple way I was shown to turn my senses around and direct them to what's in me.

Too simple. I never would have figured it out on my own.
its really very interesing how we discover all this stuff. An infinate awakening i would say :)


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