Why? - Artytou ( Artytou- Music and Vocals) (Nigel Potter-Words)

This is the "song" Why? performed by Artytou of the United Kingdom. The words are from a writing of, Nigel Potter.

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About the song, Why?

The Music was there, it just needed the right words. Thank you Nigel for venting steam and allowing us to vent steam with you & make a change for a better world through music & LL&P


Lyrics Nigel Potter

I guess what always strikes me is that because something is not MY problem, that it is not a problem.

Unfortunately the human race does not always seem to share that view :)

We can speak of Aborigines, The Native American, or the Tibetan.

Whose family are they?

They are OURS.

The separateness has been DRUMMED into us.

We are not separate.

We are in all senses one.

Any other notion leads to elitism, the chosen ones, and racism, fascism.

At the end of the day, we make one simple choice.

Love and peace or hate and war.

Peace follows love, war follows hate.

Following on from these thoughts is also our relationship with the Earth.

Again we have been TAUGHT that the Earth is ours to take what we desire to excess every single day.

Part of this conditioning is within our culture, part within our religions and part, most definitely, within our self interested greed as grown and fed by raging consumerism of business.

We see animals as game, zoo fodder.

We see nature as wasted space.

Yet, in all our hearts we have this NEED to feel nature around us.

Some, more as time goes by, have been raised under artificial light, and forget their life, have no self-awareness beyond what can be bought, fought or mated with.

Kind of the most primitive parts of their hind brains are in control.

If a square miles of earth is polluted, that should hurt us all, but it doesn't.

That's the separateness we have been taught in action. When another acre of forest goes down, we should all grieve for the loss.

Despite claims, this is not a re-newable energy source in the way they would have us believe.

When the polar ice caps melt, we should feel that, we should be alarmed and saddened that they re having to tranquilize Polar bears and helicopter them further north.

From the very small, a nature reserve in your local area having a road put through it, to the ozone depletion levels.

From the inaction's of local leaders to the inaction of world leaders, all of this should matter, but they have taught us so very well to be concerned with only ourselves.

Keep the population too tired to think straight, keep them in debt enough not to stop and wonder where their life is going.

Give them enough shiny objects to be bought.

Give them small things to keep them from asking questions.

Ok perhaps I am a nutcase.

But, can anyone tell me how they expect us to be able to carry on like this for another 100 years?

The UK is now going to go nuclear powered again...


Well our own resources have all but G.O.N.E.

Gone as in, never coming back.

As for the polar ice caps...

Remember you cannot make that a safari park or an area of special interest.

What we do here, the energy we burn, the stuff we buy, what we consume has an impact on the top of the world.

Isn't it hard for us to understand this?

Isn't it going to be SO very hard to change?

What happens if we can't or won't?

Well, I'm just a nutcase on the very fringe of society.

Someone who loves trees and watching birds fly, so I don't have the intelligence to work that all out, or do I?

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