Why Achieving Enlightenment Is Impossible

Your natural state is already present now. It's not something you can achieve any more than becoming a human is something you can achieve. Enlightenment is something you what you realize yourself to be when you strip away all sense of self and all sense of identity. Like a halloween costume, each identity is just a costume you wear that masks your True Self. The goal is not to achieve enlightenment, but rather to let go of all false sense of self that are overlaid on top of your true nature.

You can buy into any belief and the world will support you in your belief, giving you evidence so that you can say "I told you so!" But none of those beliefs are actually you.

You are no thing and you are everything. You are Spirit in express, All That Is expressing itself in its totality. No part of the infinite can be the infinite and define what you are for everything is the Infinite. You are All That Is and, paradoxically, All That Is Not.

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