Trailer for the new series "The Team": Indonesia.

Tim Bui (Prison Team) is the story of a football team at Lawang Betung, a fictional prison on the island of Java. The prisoners that live there are a microcosm of Indonesia - they come from diverse socioeconomic, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, they have been accused of variety of criminal acts, from terrorism to drug trafficking. Most prisoners fall into one of two gangs - the Javanese gang (led by Joko) and the Batak gang (led by Togar). Over the course of the series, the violent, antagonistic relationship between the gangs is transformed into one of cooperation and mutual benefit. Through the formation of the football team, Tim Bui explores how entrenched differences can be overcome and conflicts transformed within Indonesian society.

The 13-episode first season of the series is produced by Search for Common Ground. Being aired on Metro TV from February 2012, Tim Bui also confronts important social issues in contemporary Indonesia, such as intolerance toward minorities, corruption, institutional reform, women's leadership and the de-radicalisation of convicted terrorists and disengagement with violence. Much of SFCG's work in Indonesia is focused within these fields.

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