Sour Milk and Honey is a videojournal-style independent documentary that explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of an outsider of both Jewish and Muslim decent. It has been featured at the Montreal World Film Festival, Non-Violence International Film Festival, Harlem International Film Festival, and World Peace Film and Music Festival, amongst others. The film has been used as an instructional tool and a platform for discussion by university instructors and community groups engaged with the subject.

Synopsis: Despite its prominence in news reports and cafe conversations, most of us are strangers to the reality of the Middle East crisis that has plagued the Holy Land for over half a century and often served as a flashpoint for regional and global instability. Sour Milk and Honey follows a traveler on a quest to find out what lays behind the headlines and buzzwords. As he wanders through Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, we see the lives and hear the stories of men, women, students, settlers, activists, soldiers, Hamas, and political leaders. From the scene of a suicide bus bombing and a protest that sparks a conflagration with the Israeli army, to a visit with the parents of Rachel Corrie, the film portrays a reality that is at times shocking, tragic, complex, and inspirational. While peace has become an uncertain word, we meet those who are willing to listen, learn, share, and change.

Production Crew: Sour Milk and Honey is the artistic product of diversity: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Arab, Israeli, Palestinian, American, Moroccan, French, Canadian, are just a few of the ethnic and cultural backgrounds that have contributed to its realization. Similarly, its original soundtrack, written by Guillaume Soucy, blends sounds from the West and the Middle East. With the masterful editing of Najat Jellab, the intense direction and cinematography of Tarek Maassarani, and the stunning photography of Niv Hachlili, Sour Milk and Honey offers a revealing look at what peace means in one of the world's hottest hot spots.

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