Shake Me, Quake Me, Make Me BY: Ron Brown Photography By: Keith Davenport

Shake Me, Quake Me, Make Me – BY: Ron Brown Photography: Keith Davenport

Shake Me, Quake Me, Make Me (BY: Ron Brown – Photo: Keith Davenport)
Feeling helpless, hopeless, lost. No vision of the future is there.
Many are those in need now who jobless for way too long and feeling like a boat with no oar on a lake of stillness.
This way leads only to more despair and desperation.
What is needed is to “Shake, Quake and Make”.
First SHAKE ME off the mental state of bills, responsibilities and seeing no way out. This is done by going to a place outside of your residence. Some place quiet in nature. Bring a note pad, a pen and a place in nature where you will not hear noises – only nature. Be it a park or open area. – Are you there yet? Good. Now first thing and I know this is hard – Empty your mind of all that has you down. The bills, responsibilities, unemployment, all of it. Let it go….
Shake it off just for now.
Now – Listen with that empty mind – to the song of the birds, the tingling wave of the wind in your ear and how it titillates your skin. Smell the air, let it fill your lungs with that fresh air and as you exhale, let the anxiety release. Get fully relaxed.
NOW – Step 2 – QUAKE ME -- Now, ask yourself – IF I could have the perfect job for me, this is what a day in the life would be. See yourself in the job, interacting with people, feel the feelings, see how this seems to you. Do this over three days in that same natural place. How does it feel in your gut? IF it feels right to you on the third day. Then we want to put sense memory to it. Imagine the smell, touch, hearing, and even the taste of it with vivid imagination. (Now if it isn’t right, do this again with a new type job).
Step 3 – MAKE ME – Write down validating statements of what this new job is like, the types of things you enjoy doing in it. BE ONLY Positive. And then Daily – 3 times a day. Go outside and visualize this job as if it is reality in your life. The universe will bring it to you.
NOW – Unemployment may run out, bills may be piling up, BUT, Put the Law of Attraction at work for YOU – Change the mindset. Don’t just “TRY” it, “DO” it.
IT Truly IS Time to “Shake you, Quake you and Make you.”

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