MedShare & GO Inspire GO; Helping Haiti

Shared by ToanLamTV on YouTube:

"WE MUST ALL DO SOMETHING NOW to help the people in Haiti.

Following the 7.0 Earthquake that rocked the poor island nation of Haiti, the Go Inspire Go Team immediately sent emails to our community, urging everyone in our global nexus to act in whatever way they could by donating money or time to help the people in Haiti who have no shelter, no food, water and proper medical care. I asked everyone to email/comment about how theyre helping the people in Haiti on our GoInspireGo Blog and our Huffington Post Blog. The hope to inspire people by your actions to act.

Some of you responded and donated right away to the Red Cross by texting Haiti to 90999 on your cell phones, while others shared links and donated to other reputable companies who will match our donation dollar for dollar.

Several people emailed and commented telling us about MedShare.Org a non-profit out of Decatur, Georgia and San Leandro, California. For 11 years, MedShare has been collecting sorting and shipping surplus medical supplies from hospitals (supplies that wouldve otherwise ended up in the garbage) to more than 80 countries. MedShare already had a shipment en route to a hospital in Haiti before the earthquake, however, a team of thousands work feverishly, to send over more than half a million dollars worth of medical supplies to Haiti since the disaster.

The Go Inspire Go Team was inspired to take action. We visited the folks at MedShare in San Leandro and created this video to inspire you to volunteer or donate your time to this amazing group and/or to do whatever you can to HELP HAITI -- NOW. Please watch, share and DO SOMETHING.

Please don't just watch and just feel, please SHARE this video and DO SOMETHING. You can save lives."
~Toan Lam

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