Halliburton and KBR are placing our troops lives at risk!
Please sign petition at website listed above
Halliburton knowingly exposed the troops to poisonous water!.
Justice Department Lawyers issued memos justifying torture. They authorized CIA to commit war crimes!
866 87 randi 3 p.m. to 6 .pm
Torture actually reduces our national security
* Torture doesn't work in providing information which will keep us safe
* Torture actually reduces our national security
* Most of those tortured were innocent
* They were not tortured in order to prevent terrorist attacks, but to create a false justification for the war in Iraq (by creating a false linkage between Iraq and Al Qaeda)

visit the above links to view some of the CIA war crimes authorized by Dick Cheney
Please sign petitions at above websites to help hold war criminal cheney accountabile.
According to the Red Cross more than 1000 people have been tortured by the CIA or private contractors acting on the CIA's behalf. 202 224 3121 call congress part 1

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