George Tenant CIA Torture Policy No one authorized torture tactics to be used!

George Tenant CIA Torture Policy No one authorized torture tactics to be used!
One fact is clear CIA director Tenant perjured himself when he testified before congress! part 1 part2 part 3 part 4
Three years after he left the CIA, George Tenet lets loose with criticism of his former Bush Administration colleagues. He tells Scott Pelley about leading the war in Afghanistan, the CIA's policy on torture & the failure to find WMD in Iraq.
Interviewing people like former CIA Europe CIA Operations chief Tyler Drumheller & Former Navy War Veteran Donald Vance will give most of the evidence necessary to hold many of the people mentioned below for war crimes committed! More than 2 dozen warrants for CIA agents exist in Italy (more than 1 dozen exist In Germany) for acts of rendition.
For some time now it has been an open secret that the CIA has flown terror suspects across the globe & handed them over to governments notorious for their poor human rights record. Critics see this as a ruse to outsource torture seeking to avoid legal responsibility.But not all 'delicate' questioning is delegated to foreign governments.In cooperative countries so-called 'black sites' were set up where US agents had full control but due to fact that the sites were nominally under foreign jurisdiction (like Guantanamo Bay) human rights guaranteed by US law were considered not applicable by the administration. Yet still the agents would assume typically governmental activities like arresting, detaining & interrogating suspects, even under foreign jurisdiction.

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Comment by al rogers on December 10, 2010 at 12:35am

#Confessed #War #Criminal #Bush warned by London Mayor #warcrimes

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