FODfest 2009 was an incredible journey in ways beyond what can be measured in miles. While traveling across the US and throughout Taiwan for 32 days, we realized a very powerful and resonating truth... that music is indeed a universal language and that it can be the foundation for new levels of communication, understanding, and peace among people. It has also occurred to me that there is healing in what we do... both individually and collectively. What happened to Danny Pearl affected all of us, as so many tragic events do. But too often we are left helpless and able only to store it away in the archives of our consciousness where all the anger, frustration, and sadness for realizing what we humans are capable of doing to one another reside. We rarely have an opportunity to do anything to counteract the violence and unthinkable tragedies or to rightfully honor the lives unfairly and uselessly taken. FODfest gives us that chance. The chance to be an instrument that echoes Danny's ideals in a proactive alternative to the horror of his death. The chance to heal. That FODfest has grown from a backyard jam to an international tour and education programs in just 5 years is evidence of our collective desire to heal and to build a world community of love, hope, and peace.

Please watch and share this new FODfest video that encapsulates the journey so far and hints toward the potential of what's to come.

I am incredibly blessed and honored to be on the journey. ~ L

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Comment by Lynnette Najimy on March 21, 2010 at 11:04pm
Thank you Terry! It was wonderful to have you and Tobias be a part of it... more performance videos coming in the weeks ahead :).

~ L
Comment by Terry Gourley on March 21, 2010 at 10:48pm
What a great video!! Enjoyed and honored to be a part this experience. Thanks for sharing!

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