Cheney War Crimes part 3 with Colonel Wilkerson Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell on the importance of Isreal for the US and what will happen to the American army if the US go to war with Iran. And: will Israel use a nuclear weapon in the future?

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Comment by peacenut on June 17, 2009 at 4:25pm
I have just watched all 3 parts of this interview.
It doesn't change the opinion I already had about these matters, it just corroborates it.
One other point is clear, though. Col. Wilkerson is a typical - and skilled - diplomat / politician who evades accepting resposibility for his own failures.
He says, in effect, "If 15 voices agree with what my boss wants me to believe, and there is only 1 voice of dissent, of course I'll go with those 15 voices and not bother to investigate that 1 voice of dissent." For someone involved in Intelligence at the highest level, given FIVE DAYS to prepare a policy that would decide his country's going to war or not - and cost more than 4000 lives ON HIS OWN SIDE - even if we discount the more than 1 million Iraqi lives estimated to have been lost as a direct result of this tactical "blunder", to make the claim that he "didn't have the time" to investigate a dissenting voice [and let's remember that this dissenting voice was that of another Intelligence EXPERT] is a case of CRIMINAL NEGLECT AND INCOMPETENCE!
Col. Wilkerson is no hero. To criticise his bosses and the infrastructure that he was working for YEARS after the fact - and at a time when PUBLIC OPINION was already beginning to swing against those decisions - is no great act of valour OR integrity.
What's the good of whistle-blowing long after the criminals have made their escape?
Interesting viewing, nonetheless...

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