Talk 9 with Lynsey Beswick - Any disease can be healed

Communicating transparently with Lynsey Beswick. This talk will change your life. From life, love, death, cancer, rape in the Congo to mass healing and other great stuff in between! You will find it most inspiring.

Another authentic person I have attracted along this transparent path of exploration and one who is serving the evolving consciousness in everything she does. Like us all Lynsey has been on an adventure through life with many ups and downs. Having worked for many years being in service to others, its no wonder she has dedicated her life to supporting people as they explore their own unfolding on this magical planet. She is now a Theta healer practitioner and kindly after this talk gifted me a place on the course she teaches. Its was a great insight into Theta and how this technique can assist in digging into our psyche and releasing the dysfunctional sub conscious programs which limits us all.

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