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At 2:36pm on April 15, 2010, Rudy Jacket said…
At 9:39am on February 20, 2010, MiraCulous said…
At 9:38am on February 20, 2010, MiraCulous said…

I heard this song on the radio the other day...I was like duuuude this is an awesome hooping song ;-)

p.s. ur song is sooo cute like you baybee <333
At 8:43am on February 19, 2010, MiraCulous said…
::watch us work it...we're Perfect::

hehehe ;-)

perfectly imperfect that IS <3


At 10:38am on February 17, 2010, MiraCulous said…
"I'm at home, wherever I am! And in the room of Lovers- I see with closed eyes the Beauty that dances!! Behind the veils, intoxicated with Love!- I too Dance the rhythm of this Moving World! I have lost my senses- in My World of Lovers!" ~RUMI <333

At 7:44am on February 16, 2010, MiraCulous said…
OHH MY GOODNESS! I went to scrutinize a part of the article I did not see....SHASTA comes up!!!! wowie kazowie :D
At 7:33am on February 16, 2010, MiraCulous said…
Haven't been to her site in a while, decided to go back and see what she's been saying lately. She apparently just channeled Mira on the 12th- checki out ma-
At 7:21am on February 16, 2010, MiraCulous said…
you know what I realized and forgot to tell you? on Sunday, ( I receive a daily inspirational quote to my email ). Sunday's quote was from someone named "Shakti"!!! ;-)

"We each need to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly." ~Shakti Gawain


mmhmmm mm hmm <333
At 9:55am on February 15, 2010, MiraCulous said…
I am already one with San Fran but really want to go back to that place. It is so amazing there. Let's be close enough for lil excursions ;-)
At 9:48am on February 15, 2010, MiraCulous said…

La La La Love youuu! <3 xoxo <3
At 11:30pm on February 14, 2010, Yaron Fishman said…
namaste galaxi! welcome... it's 1derful to meet you too :)

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