The following quotes were all posts I came across on Facebook. They were all posted as rockets and bombs were falling in Palestine and Israel. I put them all together so that all who want peace will know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

"Dear friends, I dont know how to start to write what i want to say. maybe the first words should be: I am human, I am Israeli. In that order. When Rockets and bombs are in Gaza, and in Israel- arriving to tel aviv as well for the first time from Gaza, people dont have time to think or feel love, they just want to survive..but maybe in this moment, we can stop for one minute to understand that this feeling of survivng, is the same feeling that our "enemy" feels, the same feeling in the other side. And offcourse you say to yourselves:"what can i do? i cant change it.." but you can. you can with starting this process with yourselves, so in the right time in the future with this power we will change the outside as well. nobody has more power then you, nobody. it just we are not using it- we are not united- now it is the time to unite- first in your mind. understand that in the other side -there are people like you, with children..if you give hate a place in your hearts now- you are letting war to win you. so no matter what happens, and how much its bad, remember allways: we are all one, we are all in the same problem, we must help eachother and love. when this is over, we will make sure it will not happen again- change your mind. its now or never. Love you all, Israelis&Palestinians."Noa,Israel Loves Palestine ♥


"This is not my war. It does not happen in my name. As palestinians and israelis we stand together to show the world, that there is still another reality. Now, more than ever we reach out to each other and stand together as one.We are all one.And we speak out for peace."Joujou, Palestine


"As the rockets are falling in Israel and bombs are hitting Gaza, I find myself being lost for words. It is a horrible feeling to watch this happen and being not able to do something... We are so worried about all our friends from both sides. Wherever you are now - we hope you are safe. Be careful, stay at home, don't go out and keep yourself as safe as possible please.All our thoughts are with you right now. Today, more than ever we must unite together for peace!My heart is with you." - Joujou


"I wanted to share with you my dilema, s really not easy to say: not my war, when rockets ar falling on the south of israel , killing people, really not easy for me to stand for peace when people, my people are dying.

 In the miidle of writing this word the sirens strats shouting ...first time in tel aviv. we were on the street going to meet imams coming from france....find ourselves running 

on the streets. we end up in a gymnasium with arabs kids from yaffo waiting for the sirens to stop. we heard the rockes fall....five minute ago

 more than five minute ago s not easy to ask for peace, not easy to see the right and wrong...but still....even after running with michal on the street for our lives...still, not my war. still we stand with you, and say ..stop the madness, it lead to nothing....not my war" Ronny Edry, Telaviv Jaffa


"It seems we are on the brink of war. :( Please pray for protection upon the innocent on both sides." -Adena Levine, Jerusalem


"We have been thru the bombs before, but this time is different because here in this small space on facebook, there are real people reaching out to each other, worrying, loving, supporting. And that gives me hope." -Rebecca Friedman


"We are wearing BLACK today, but inside we are allways white- clean white like the color of the Dove- peace among you Palestinians, our cry is for you and for us in the same breath, this is not our war, this is not your war, we love you, stay strong, allways believe in the one and only truth, the one and only god: love and peace- we will get it at the end. we ♥ you" -Israel-loves-Palestine


"Our thoughts are with you, we hold your hand today to show the world, that we are one family - Israelis and Palestinians - who love to live in peace. We are one and this is not our war.We love you back!♥" -Palestine-loves-Israel


"All the love pages are wearing black now. I just couldn't make myself change to black. For me, black means the end, it means there is no hope for us anymore. I desided to change it to blue. Blue means tears, it means sadness, but it also means hope. I refuse to give up on hope. We have to believe that the things can be done differently, and they will be done differently one day. We just can't give up on peace. As many people said, in times like this it is very easy to give up on everything, to go with the stream, and to assume that our govrnment knows what it's doing. But precisely times like this are our real test. No matter what doubts do we have sometimes, our way IS the right way. Because the other way includes dead civilians, even if we don't mean to kill them, even if we apologize afterwards. NO WAR CAN EVER BE THE RIGHT CHOICE! We just have to find another way, and looking on all the peace pages that we have here, makes me feel really optimistic. We're on the right way, we just have to stick with it.I'm sending a big hug to all the residents of the south and T.A.area, to all the people in Gaza, and all the people of Syria. We love you, and we will find the way!" - Israel Loves Syria

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