Today we are all Palestinians
Today we all live in the Gaza Strip
The bombs that rip the very soul
Denied us for so long,
And now...
But for the memories...

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Comment by Schmidty on January 4, 2009 at 11:15pm
Today we are Israelis
Today we all live in Jerusalem
The rockets that rip the innocent lives and trying to live life
MUST defend it's innocent people
This is the land of King David's
over 3000 years and is still sacred!!
Comment by Jan Ward on January 4, 2009 at 11:52pm
Today we are all from Darfur. Today we are all from South Burma. Today we are all Israeli - and, yes, Today we are all Palestinian.
All land is sacred - as are all people.
Killing is never the answer - the Hamas situation is lunacy but there must be a better way to handle this.
War makes only War - only Peace makes Peace...and this is
We are about finding peace...perhaps together we can find the way.
In true love for all humans,
Comment by Schmidty on January 5, 2009 at 12:50am
I am all bout finding peace. Go to my page and check out some of my music, and you can see what I am about. However, the reason that we all want peace and are here to help each other find peace, is because we feel that this earth that we live in, has parts of war going on, right?

Therefore, when there is war going on, one side usually initiates weather or not you want to believe that. That is absolute, unless at some exact moment in time, 2 sides, or 2 people, said, "We will now go to" You and I both know, that does not happen.

However, when you say the bombs, it is implied that you are referring to Israeli's. I wanted to voice my opinion to you, and fill you in on the other side as to how Israeli's and Jewish people feel, and have felt.

When there is calmness, and then all of a sudden a rocket is thrown into the southern part of Israel, close to Beer-Sheba, someone must have thrown that, right? That is the 1st step towards war. I am not talking before, in the future, I am simply talking about the now.

Without accountability, I do not believe peace will be able to be achieved. In fact, It almost certainly cannot be achieved because there has to be a right and there has to be a wrong. There has to be a joy, and there has to be a pain. Darkness and light. There will always be opposites in life.



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