Yeah...generally its a matter of vibes. A matter of frequencies. The energies of peace carry peaceful ideas. The energies of fear carry fearful ideas. But a fearful vibe can be transformed into peace by simply introducing a Loving thought. There's a proverb in the bible that goes... 'One shall chase a thousand...two shall put ten thousand to flight'. Its like the power of one good thought can chase a thousand 'so called bad' thoughts. But two can put Ten thousand to flight. Or two people with Loving intensions or whatever <3

Some years ago I was on my way to a youth centre to do some artwork with some young people who were waiting there for me to arrive. At that time I was feeling VERY anxious. I had for some reason plugged into my anxiety and was recieving negative idea after negative idea. At least...that's the way i was interpreting it due to my feeling. I was just hoping to God that I would feel better by the time I arrived at the youth centre. I seemed to be clutching at emotional straws. I had a general belief that nothing would work...yet. Finally I arrived at the gates feeling bewildered that Life/God/karma/circumstance was allowing this to happen. As far as i could see at the time it would be neither good for me or the young people for me to walk in there on such a negative vibe after the previous days thoroughly enjoyable experience. And as I was about to get out of the car it came to me. Although I didn't quite know that just yet. There was only one thing left to do I percieved. I told thought... as though it were a simple and uncomplicated truth..... "I feel good". And no sooner had i finished my 'make believe' than it was suddenly true. I had literally plugged into a different socket. Instant RELIEF came over me. Instant transformation. I stepped out of the car and toward the front door of the building in AWE of the 'miracle' that had taken place. And with that joy I entered the building to share in a Love and strengh that all those involved obviously truely deserved.

Another quote from the bible 'Let the weak say 'I am strong' :)

Those who have fought their way into an experience of any particular degree of the light of peace are then brought down into the fire of fear, through blame and accusation, as part of a protective mechanism, to prevent each person from soaring to quickly and of strengthening the group to which that person belongs. Because they have already made contact with that light within themselves they will automatically float back up and onward into the light of that peace by the grace and power of of this inbuilt creative process... using some degree of 'effort'. Even going deeper than previously reached, due to those lessons learnt during the latest episode of descent and accent....ebb and flow :) They at the same time help all those around them to do likewise in the process as they consequently beam up the whole team a notch further. So take heart my friends. Remember this next time your at wits end and realise you are actually helping to transform humanities collective anxiety into the elation of Self acceptance and appreciation of Existence itself. God is Love and Love Loves Lovingly :)

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