Dear MyPeace.TV Community,

We welcome all of you who've just joined us, and we thank all of you for being part of this Movement to Co-Create Peace through Media. Some of you have added your favorite YouTube videos, while others have added original content that you've created. Some of you have added blogs, while others have added pictures, music and artwork. Thank you!! Simply by being part of MyPeace.TV, you're helping to usher in a paradigm shift in which more and more media content is used to create Peace and Healing on our Planet. We feel that one of the most powerful forms of media is Music, which is why we're now featuring another fantastic video about the Playing for Change movement, which is bringing so many people together through Music: (enjoy!)

We also want to express our gratitude to one of our affiliates, the Spiritual Cinema Circle, who is dedicated to sharing films that inspire, uplift and enlighten us. We're thankful that the SCC is now offering everyone a chance to try out their DVD Club for one month at no charge (except for a small shipping fee). We feel this is a good way for people to make an informed decision about joining the SCC club, and we encourage you to learn more Here.

Last but not least, we want to thank all of you who are helping to spread the word about MyPeace.TV. Some of you are promoting your MyPeace.TV profiles which is great because it's a way to promote yourself and the website as a whole. Some of you are posting your favorite MyPeace.TV links on Facebook and Twitter. Some of you are forwarding our emails, and some of are spreading the word in conversations with your friends and family. THANK you.

We look forward to Co-Creating a more Peaceful and Happier World with all of you!

In Unity and Oneness,
The MyPeace.TV Team

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