I'm Committed to..
Writing a book on my personal "Self Healing" experiences
& Do It Yourself "Energy" Healing Methods"..
and sharing unique natural healing techniques & experiences
of what I have learned from surviving a series of Health Issues for the last 10 yrs..
As well stories of my family and friends & their experiences of learning these techniques..
Basically trying to prove and assist in guiding the way to a place where we all can take back responsibility for our individual power over the healing process..
It is Not the goal of "commercialized medicine" to have our best interest.. incorporated into their solutions for health care..
And certainly not SELF Health care..
But, we can make the personal commitment..
The solutions of which are very possible for..
Reversing "All Dis-ease".. and the "Aging Process"
as we have come to know it..
Just by taking a new look at our Immune System..
and seeing that by correcting our muscular system..
(which corrects posture)..
will free our circulatory system and then Re-Build the Immune System..
by enhancing "fluidity" to the muscles throughout the body.. and allowing proper cell regeneration to occur naturally & replace bad cells with good new cells..
My methods of muscle correction are similar to a Chiropractor
that adjust the alignment of Bones..
I believe in.. adjusting the muscles with bodywork similar to reflexology instead..
Combined with Hydrotherapy (Spa Treatment Basically)
and proper hydration.. and cooling of the muscles..
and adequate Protein and enzymes in the diet..

After a few years of commitment to these Basics..
combined with Spiritual Commitment & Awakenings..
An a desire and commitment to Become Aware & Awake ..
to what is "Real" and currently happening on this planet..
These steps will all allow for the "Trinity of Healing"
to take place for the healing of the Whole Person..
(Trinity = the "Body, Mind & Spirit")
Total Healing requires a balance of all 3 concepts..
to have lasting and effective changes in the Whole Body.. healing process..

These are some Notes that I have written on the Subject of TyHyChi..

Any feed back or suggestions is greatly appreciated..
Thanks in advance for taking the time to sift through it..
A bit of a rough draft but from the heart!

TyHyChi stands for Teach Yourself To Heal Yourself..

About 10 years ago, after spending the previous 9-10 years scouting out
Alternative Healing Methods and subjects.. I had what I would call a epiphany
(for lack of a better term at the moment)..
These Light bulbs came to me when I was searching the patterns and similarities
between Energy Healing Techniques and Strengthening Our Immune System..

I came to realize that we each have the ability to take charge of our Immunity..
Our Health in general.. Ourselves..By understanding that immunity is really about
the Posture and Correctness of our Muscular System.. I believe that the
Muscles and their ability to circulate properly IS the Immune system..

The Human Body is designed to be able to heal itself..and calibrate itself..
and to naturally re-generate and replace all old cells with new cells..
which is suppose to recycle every so many days and weeks etc..

Science describes that we do this cellular exchange and elimination of old cells
and rebuild new cells.. "I don't believe our bodies are able to do this exchange.."
when there is such poor circulation to the extremities and deep inside the layers
of tissue of the body.. just an extremely small amount of cells are actually
ever re-generated in a such a state of blockage and de-generation..

I also Believe that ALL illness is due to our Energy Systems being overloaded..
with too much energy stored up in the body..
this causes the muscles ( the strands inside the muscle ) to move and shift out of their
proper location..
thereby impairing proper circulation and flow..
which prohibits the muscle tissue process of cell regeneration to occur..
(at least in any quantity that would that would enhance the Immune System)

the muscle tissue then continues to be out of alignment and overtime..
actually wrapping (constricting) the strands (grain) of muscle around the other
muscles and the bone..
and after more time when the muscles cannot shift or tighten any further..
the "Energy Fields".. of stored energy..
(which are"mirrored" within the aura energy field.. matching the physical
flow of circulation and the direction of energy movements..)

*(we have an aura field of energy that exactly mirrors all the actions of the
Internal and External movements of the Body)

The over energized muscles also continue to wrap themselves over and over which
forces excess energy to go inward toward the bone..
this creates a very high "Concentrated" level of Energy that continues
to build causing the illness to get to a more and more degenerative condition..
these high compressed temperatures recess into the interior portions of the body..
these temperatures are what cause bad cells to turn into deadly cells..
So, when you reduce.. and then "eventually" with body work.. eliminate these excess temps
and high pressure (psi) from the tissue.. the muscle releases the pressure and the
Skeletal system gets the pressure released from the constricted muscles.. so now the
Posture automatically goes back into a correct alignment..
this way the body can return to a natural state of circulation and cell
regeneration.. which means.. health, vitality, youth, beauty,
well body-mind & spirit..

So this is just a beginning of the description of the concepts of Self Healing..
And Here is just a beginning of some methods that I use to
monitor and control the excess conditions that arise when the body is out of
Balance and Proper alignment..

I use:
A lot of Protein,
while also keeping a close eye on how the body responds to All foods that I eat..
and Eliminating the foods that don't agree with my digestion process..
first I remove those foods for for a few days..
then if that does not work then a couple of weeks.. then a month or 2..
Almost always I can come back to those foods and they will be fine..
anything else I remove completely..
- I use No Special Diet other than watching the effects of the chemicals that are added to
foods..When you start to notice excess amounts of chemical buildup of these substances
you just slow down on the amount of them and it will balance out..
and then you resume normal amounts until you notice it again..

I have found out by trial and error that reducing the quantity of each bite
of food and smaller portions per sitting really have remarkable effects.. on not only
'not gaining weight"and definitely "losing weight", but over time this is the most enhancing
tool you could ever use to enjoy food and get the most out of your food in everyway..
It took me many years to even try it this way..
I believe the 1st priority should be your protein..
and that you should always "feed" a feeling of hunger..
because it is really "not" hunger when it feels that way..
what you are feeling is a "toxic" effect of the toxic tissues that your body is feeding on..

Toxicity (due to chemical additives) is present when I notice that I am feeling hunger pains
or cravings..
( which "feelings of hunger & cravings"is NOT normal..
if there is no toxicity from the foods that you eat there
will be absolutely no hunger pains of any kind.. there would only be a feeling of being
depleted and maybe irritability.. )

I also test the skin for thickening of the tissue (which I call "pickling" )
after I have eaten these types of foods..
So I do eliminate those foods too..
I use salt and sugar in moderation..
because of how they effect the proper consistency of body fluids and their capacity to
travel throughout the body to all the extremities and finally to be eliminated properly..
Salt dehydrates tissue and Sugar thickens fluids and adds to the glucose levels that
effect how we feel..
Alcohol removes excess energy but it also shrinks muscle tissue..
so a lot of it on a regular basis is destructive to proper circulation by constricting
the flow of fluids through the muscular system.. on a permanent basis..
( or until you correct it with physical rehab and bodywork)..

I use Hydrotherapy..
(to wash away excess energy)
Water will literally rinse excess Energy down the drain..
(Sounds like a commercial doesn't it)
With proper water therapy on a daily basis..
You can regulate and hydrate your tissue with unbelievably great effects to the
Immune System..
But it has to be done on a very regular basis to be maintained..
The overall goal is to reduce what you can everyday.. and eventually it gets under
This may take a few months and then after that you monitor your daily condition
and determine for your self what your body is requiring..

Any Bath product that you can find that helps reduce dead layers of skin will help
using a wet skin brush is highly recommended as the skin brush does 2 things it
ex-foliates.. and it removes excess energy in a big way..

You will definitely be surprised at the results of this overtime and it does speed up the
healing process quite a bit.. It works very well.. It is key!

Also the soaps should be something that "Does Not Add To" the layers of the skin
but gently moisturizes and absorbs properly.. I have found these to be glycerin
based soaps and a lot of the natural soaps.. they are worth every penny..
You can think of them as medicine or first aid because they really are..

The best cooling and healing soap I have ever tried are the Clay soaps..
usually comes with herbs etc.. in them..
Clay Masks have very important healing properties.. I would treat them like
first aid too.. just on a more regular basis..

The Showers:
- With controlling shower temperatures so that when you first start
the shower it is warm and comfortable..
and then you gradually cool the temperature until it brings down your overall body
temperature to as cooled off as possible "Without ever getting chilled"..
A little cooler than room temperature is usually the goal.. (except in cold climates)
This fluctuates by the season of the Year..
Never allowing the water to got too HOT or too COLD..
( As "Hot" Adds Energy and it is necessary to eliminate it instead)
and you don't want to get chilled either.. that creates an extra layer of energy to
encapsulate the bodies energy like the layers of rings on a tree..season after season..
it is good for the tree.. but not for our layers of energy.. we always want to
physically remove energy so that our cells can be free to regenerate..
Just using the water therapy as a tool to remove excess Energy.. It really works Great!

The Other 2 Main Areas of Interest in the Self Healing Therapies are
about learning to pay attention..which is when Chi happens..
And learning to Feel Energy Movements in the Body..

So One Is:

Chi = Life force Energy
This would include everything.. since all things are different forms of Energy..
Here are some of the Key ways of describing what Chi means..

Chi = To Paying Attention
( When you notice something you exchange energy with it
you put your self in connection with it.. I call that being in Chi
and that is when Magic can happen in so many forms)

Chi = Love
( When you pay attention to something and then the connection to it
occurs and if you allow yourself to see and feel the positive traits of it
there is a healing that comes with it.. This could be with Beauty.. Or
Anything.. from "Stop and Smell the Roses" to Our "Humanity" on the
Planet.. Complete Healing cannot take place until this step is realized..
And it is gradually learned.. If lessons are ever imitated instead of giving
your self permission to take as long as it takes.. then a "Masking"
of your Identity happens instead.. not a easy path.. once you are on it..
to recognize, evaluate and reverse it..
So always give your self permission to acknowledge the lessons that you
are faced with then... and then allow for as much time
as needed for the evolution of the learned wisdom..

Chi = Balance
( When you Mentally Meditate & Balance your Physical Body..
which I feel should happen simultaneously.. The methods I have found
to Physically Calibrate and Balance the Bodies Energies put you
into a State of Deep Concentration and "In Chi".. There is no
drug or addictive activity that can match the feelings that occur
when you can go into this state of chi.. anytime or anywhere you
need to call on it.. It does not take long to develop strong meditative
abilities in this state of being.. and there is no extra learning..
You automatically grow in this way.. the more consistently
you Physically Balance and Calibrate the Body..
The Methods I use looks a little Like "Tai Chi" and certainly
any Yoga like exercises are great but the difference is that
the Focus is put toward each person's individual injuries and
areas of imbalance.. it could be a leg, arm, hip, head, neck or anywhere
in between..

The List of examples of Chi go on and on..
It is the accumulation of all of your healing Experiences that contribute to the overall
And if you add an "Awareness" of Gratitude which is another form of "accumulated"
Except with Gratitude you cannot just say it to yourself and that it is the end of it..
That kind of Gratitude will not get you out of challenges and obstacles that will come
your way as soon as you commit to Your Higher Power for this Total Healing of the
Body Mind and Spirit..
The Evolution of the Gratitude Experience - when you include that awareness each
time you feel it - you acknowledge it - and you remember to take the time to be aware
of it..
Then as you have accomplished several lessons of your development,
you wake up to the fact that you have obtained an incredible level of Gratitude and it is
through good times as well as bad.. it is the one thing once you have experienced and
survived quite a few of the obstacles have come and gone..
This is the foundation of how all the patterns of all the Healing experiences
happen it is all very similar as you go through it and you learn to observe others and
life in general in these patterns..

And the Other Consideration is Learning to pay attention to the flow and movement
of Energy.. within the body and surrounding the Body and finally external forces that
effect the Body Mind and Spirit..

"To Release Energy Blockages -
You Connect With Energy By Paying Attention To It.."
- that is all it takes to unblock energy fields that are overloaded in and around the body..
And when you unblock energy you will notice that it feels like an exhale..
only it won't be from the lungs..
it will be from the area where you are focusing..
It can be strong or subtle..
but, if your paying attention you will always feel it..
It can also feel like you went up a floor in a elevator
just not as strong as actually being in an elevator..
there is a small "swoop-like" feeling when this happens)..

There are a few different choices of techniques that you can learn to use
that will enable you to become more aware of the subtle movements of the
energies flowing thought out the bodies electrical system..
and these are more than enough to utilize for the unblocking of energy..

As you touch the skin..
(Or just Focus with your Mind's Eye on any area - On, In, or Around The Body)
You engage the Healing Mode that will notify the Body of the intention..
or direction of healing.. which I call "being in Chi.."
There is a reflexology technique that describes holding each finger on each hand
for a count of 10 seconds that engages a Healing Mode also..
In the beginning of this new type of commitment it is effective to "Inform" the Body
that your are now going into that state of healing..
It may sound odd but it works.. It makes a noticeable difference.. When you are trying
to get responses from the Body about this interaction..

Technique 1
1. You can start by gently touching the outer layer of the skin..
Paying attention to the the movements of the pulse and other sensations that you start to
become aware of after a minute or two of waiting and listening..
You will notice it has the same movement as Ebb and Flow..
(an example: the movements that happen as the water reaches the of the edge of the water..
as the ocean waves come on shore..
even in a fresh water lake or pond you can see this movement at the very edge of the
water as it moves in and out..) this is gravity..
seeing and hearing with your minds eye..
(this is more effective with your eyes shut.. which enables your mind's eye)
When you pay attention with an extremely light touch to the skin..
(or focus on energy movement under the skin, or areas around the body in the Aura space..)
This has placed you automatically with the connection into a state of "Chi ",
which is a state of healing)..
Now you follow consistently with your mind's eye..(eyes shut)
follow these movements.. and after about 10-20 motions of back and forward revolutions
of this motion there will be a small portion of the blocked energy released..
When you spend some time developing this technique..
it will eventually open an even larger area that you focus on..
You can expand these areas for bigger releases of energy.. it will just take practice..
And it also depends on how many motions or movements your mind can pay attention
to at the same time..
Not difficult to develop..happens naturally as you go..

To build your skills at the number of areas to pay attention to.. at the same time..
It is very important to mention that it is from this point on that you will begin
to ask yourself questions..
without the past influence of anything that you have ever previously heard before
in regards to the usual preconceptions of medical prognosis' ..
So Begin with asking yourself new questions like..
1. What is this that I am noticing..?
- Try to define, or at least notice, as many different connecting factors as possible..
Ask things like:
2. How many different directions are there of these movements am I noticing?
- And are they in a certain pattern?
Are they in moving a huge circular motion.. which way does it move left or right..
(example: like water flowing down a drain..)
- this is the most common pattern of unraveling flow of energies ..
it describes a muscle that is overloaded and that IS able to be unblocked..)
(the circular motion of the energy is the same as in a storm like a twister or tornado etc..
it is releasing the energy)
3. Is it moving very strongly like a water hose that gets loose and waves about in every
( this would indicate that this muscle has excessive but immediately un-blockable energy..
you will have approach this area.. from it's outer regions of the muscle.. you can do
this by just backing your attention up a bit..and softening and releasing the muscles
nearby..until the section that has the heaviest energy releases just a little..
it is always best to release a little then wait for the body to do the rest..which can be
noticed in as little time as 45 minutes..but actually the body continues to repond to your
bodywork for about 3 days..)

4. Is there any movement or motion, that feels like you are flexing a
muscle with your arm.. (or a making fist with your hand..)?
( this indicates that this is an extremely blocked muscle)
and you will have to go around the area not directly on top of this area to release
other "releasable" sections first..liked previously mentioned..

5. What other 2 spots (section of muscle) are making themselves present.. are they trying to shift and move
as well..and what is going on with them ..are they numb or sore..hard or soft..?
Anytime you touch or connect with one area of the body, you will almost immediately
notice a secondary area as well.. that is because all of the muscles are connected..

Example - what you are connecting with is:
when you touch the 1st muscle, the other muscles that are connected to it.. need to shift
also.. the muscles are all inter-connected..
you mentally expand the area that will be released when your (mental) mind's eye focus
branches out into the other section of muscle that you feel a second and third respone
from (the other muscles will feel like that want to move or adjust)..
then they become activated.. once you are aware of them..
when the 1st position is activated..
and this awareness extends above the body.. as well in the aura space..
you can mentally connect all the sections of muscle together for a larger section of
the overall muscles to release.. eventually..when you have reached the advanced
stages of healing all the layers of muscle.. this type of focus will be the goal..
It just takes practice to develop..
These are very important steps to develop and over time..
this will become the most important key to unblocking more than just one small
section at the time..

This is a very slow healing method to start out with and all the tricks and techniques
that you can "self learn" and use in combination with other techniques will make the
whole process safer and more reliable..
This may seem mundane in the beginning to sit and learn how to have a dialog
with all these sensations..
But, it is the cornerstone of everything you will learn in the future of this new way of

It is a new perspective and as you will notice as you develop these skills that there are
consistent patterns of energy all throughout the Universe..
and if we start to collect all this data in our mind..
we will over time accumulate and confidently earn..
a new way of seeing..learning..
You have to learn h-o-w to see and how to learn..
if that makes any sense and this is how it starts by putting these simple questions out
there in the universe and learning to "let go.. let god"..

and then allow yourself to be guided to wait for the answers in the form of solutions..
which can pop up as synchronizations in many ways..
like when you watch something on TV or radio and you will get the answer..
or anywhere.. someone may say something to you that may trigger the light bulb..
Or it can just occur to you if you are consistent about asking..
Ask and you shall receive is a very true statement and it will come to mind often..

Technique 2

2. In the body there is a secondary body pulse..
I am not so sure that medicine really understands its purpose other than for
reference to blood pressure analysis..
I have never been able to fine a good "explanation" for the secondary pulse anyway..
I decided to call this the "Lymphatic pulse"..for the distribution of lymphatic fluids..
it actually runs up one side of the body and down the other..
it can be accessed anywhere in the body..

There is an up and down flow of motion of the vertical movements of energy similar to
using the pump of a water well to extract water..(also a oil rig comes to mind..)
If you notice it has a slight vacuum action included.. as the cycle of each time the
movement of energy rises up to the top of the body.. and then back down again to the
base of the feet.. and then back up, and back down, each time a vacuum action happens..
there is a release of energy.. each time this cycle happens..the more you allow yourself
to feel it.. and go with it..the more powerful of the release of energy..

***Special note: It is essential to Balance Your Physical Body after unblocking..
There will inevitably be muscle cramping and "Charlie Horses" as you go through
this process but you can avoid bad situations if you are always very conscious
of Balancing the Left and Right Side of the Body.. This is one of the drawbacks of
Deep Healing of Toxic and Mis-Aligned muscles there is also a lot of soreness
if you are reversing very toxic tissue..
Showers and the other stretching techniques help these side effects tremendously..
It is essential for the safety of using these techniques that you don't ignore any
pain or cramping..ever.. especially when it surrounds a vital organ..
And to be safe.. never try to release too much at one time.. it is unnecessary and
the Immune System..more than meets you halfway.. usually just a moderate
amount of attention will engage the healing mode.. and when these techniques
are used for short intervals on a consistent daily schedule.. they really are quite

**Special Note -
One organ that will definitely be effected by these healing methods and need special
attention and care is the Spleen..
It will swell, heat up and back up.. causing soreness..

*(these symptoms should never be ignored that would be dangerous to the spleen)
This will happen on a regular basis until that area has had enough bodywork and is
rehabilitated enough so that the extra amounts of fluids that are released into the system
when you unblock are able to flow evenly through that area without any backup..

I believe this situation happens because of the nature of the the spleen as a filter
for lymphatic fluids and substances that are processed by the spleen..
are sticky and bulky and are easy to back up..
dehydration plays a big role as well..

*To unblock these blockages you place your hand below the injured area
(you always want to place your focus on the area below closest to the
elimination area of the body..)
So in this case it would be right below the area of the
spleen on the left side.. toward the belly..
(The goal is to always direct any released cells toward the elimination exit areas )
There is a tremendous amount of extra tissue that is old and sometimes toxic too..
that is introduced to the elimination organs overwhelming there capacity levels
that they are not use to.. this causes them to back up easily..

Everything will work out just fine in the end "if and only if"
*you "never ignore signs and symptoms".. right at the onset of them..
(and that includes any heat or soreness that is present anywhere in the body)
all these are signs that need attention.. this is how the healing works..
you pay attention and learn every detail..
It gets to be a very natural process very fast..(2nd nature)..

I found this to be the first test to becoming independently strategic and not allowing
the things that I have heard in the past influence my ability to see that these are just
muscles, and they get cramped or backed up at times, you just have to monitor them,
and not ignore them,
then in turn they will take the time necessary to heal and cool down and function properly..

This is what self healing is all about..
thinking independently and choosing a calm strategy for any symptom that arises..
Literally "anything" that goes wrong in the body is Muscle related..
the only parts of the body that are not made up partly of muscle and work along with
the muscle is Bone..

**You will for the first 3 years (+/-) based on your overall health when you start this
Healing process have to pay close attention to the Spleen and sometimes the kidneys etc..

**The Rule of safety is to Remember Don't Ignore a Body Signal ever..
- especially Heat or Soreness..
these are "Unacceptable" signs to just let go and ignore..

There IS Always a solution.. to each little healing crisis..
It builds confidence and makes you a better healer..

You get very familiar with all things that can pop up..

You will learn your own schedule for Bodywork.. after 7pm is not really a
good habit until after the first year.. this is because..
The body has to have time to cool down before you go to sleep because if you have
released a very large amount of energy right before you sleep..
and it has not had time to cool off ..

this can cause severe cramping of the muscles or even "bursting" of tissue..
small electrical bursts of energy that are not safe to the body..
(gases in the body include methane.. that is a very real consideration..)

Usually only for about 20 minutes after unblocking tissue will you notice some heat
in the newly opened areas.. this is because it has not been worked on previously..
and the energy is released to the surrounding tissue, which also has not been opened
yet in the body..
this heats up naturally to allow for the flow of the fluids through the
"strands" (the grain) of muscle which is the "vein like vessels" that carry all
the water, nutrients, fats, oils, and even toxins in and out of the circulatory system..

There is technique with cotton wash cloths that is very healing and perfect for
any kind of tissue that heats up and swells.. wet the wash cloth lay it on the effected area.. like a poultice..
until the washcloth is no longer cool..
"it has just absorbed the excess energy", and then you rinse the wash cloth
in cool water and repeat this over and over.. till there is relief in that area..

In the beginning year or so.. you will want to use more than a few washcloths at
one time for a more effective extraction of excess energy if there are serious conditions..

Any injury causes excess energy to build and build each minute..
Heat will cause more heat.. it is "exponential" in it's nature.. (concentrated gases)
This is the best method to treat any effected area of heat.. at any time..
even when there is no injury just warm in the joints..

There are many techniques each person will develop their own..
after a while of the initial stages of unblocking you will notice that the feelings
of Energy branch out into your Aura space..
you can access areas deep within your body when you put your hand in the air space
above the injured area..
The Aura is a Mirror.. and it is a very strong tool to use to unblock..
Anything IN the bodies flow of energy.. is also repeated in the Aura
Space.. you can use your hand in the air space above the body to reach
areas that are inaccessible or more convenient to access..also you can use your
mind's eye concentration instead of any hands..

These are some of the Basics of what I base everything on that I use to heal..
There is a trinity of issues that stand in the way of self healing..
The Body - Mind - Spirit Connection.. You have to access all of these
intertwined with each other to really heal and become well and whole..(as in Wholeness)

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I welcome your questions..
suggestions.. corrections.. etc.. as it will only give me the opportunity to
communicate this better in the future.. Thank You! Ren!

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Comment by HealingYourself on December 10, 2008 at 7:30am
Thank you Stephen!
I am Working on it..
Thanks for taking the time to read it & comment..
The Inspiration helps a lot!
Have a great week..!


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