Triggered ploys divide with fear

Those once close, no longer near.

All rights blighted, thoughts all frighted,

America united not the more.

Systems rot unchecked for greed.

Those least among us, forgotten need.

The huddled masses, razored out,

Trust in power, now in doubt.

Who will guide us back to grace,

We varied multi shade of face,

With common credo, hope and trust,

A sojourner leader, one of us.

From humble roots, both near and abroad,

Dually cultured lightning rod.

Little known, this lion king,

Articulate change he's bent to bring

To save a nation once at the top,

He'll call all back, commanded to "shop",

And ask us instead to serve and act

On principle by example, like Barack.

Our time is now, the earth can't wait,

When asked to help, don't hesitate.

Whether it's you, your aunt or even "mama",

"We're in it together" said Obama.

T.Keenan © 01/21/09 - all rights reserved and recorded.

Infringements will be held accountable.

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Comment by Thomas Keenan on February 10, 2012 at 2:31pm

With enough breathing room and free space, a life-jive may occupy the mind, and a quick race (to prevent an errase) to my electric haven, will find groovy fingers madly dancing, as successfully preserved jive, still alive, flows freely from within.  I thank thee and find glee in your revelry.  A wild flower ye will always be!  ;-) 


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