The Chattanooga Shooting...9/11 Military "Recruiting Centers," and former President George W. Bush...

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee - Earlier today a lone gunman walked into a U.S. Military Recruiting Center in Hamilton County, TN. and opened fire wounding and then killing two U.S. Naval Recruiting Officers, and injuring multiple others, he then left and drove several miles away to a U.S. Marine installation, in the same county, and shot and killed two U.S. Marines, and injured several others there before either turning the weapon that he had, presumably a high-powered automatic weapon, on himself or ,and as the news revealed today, he was shot and killed by a police officer, who he had also shot in the leg before his demise.

Details are still sketchy at this hour, BUT I'd like to offer up a couple of points so as to make clear what all this means, talk about these U.S. Military Recruiting Centers, and former President George W. Bush.

W.T.C, Tuesday, 11-September-2001...

Not long after the 'shock and awe' of September the 11th 2001 a fervency rose up in the hearts and minds of many Americans. A desire to defend, at all cost, American soil and free Peoples everywhere became the norm rather than the exception.

At that time, and as an answer to it, then President George W. Bush declared that the United States Department of Defense should open U.S. Military, "Recruiting Centers" throughout the United States. Soon thereafter in shopping malls, strip malls and the like these recruiting centers began opening their doors, as well as Army National Guard and Reserves stations throughout certain states.

These centers were opened to the public, anyone could come in and come out as they so choose, no one was turned away especially if you were interested in joining a branch of the U.S. Military in the wake of 9/11.

Thousands of Americans signed up. Both the Military and its then Commander and Chief celebrated and thanked, publicly, the Nation and its Citizens for so doing. At no time before or since World War II was there a higher or better turn out in defense of this nation.

Of course the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began. Shock and awe. Operation Enduring Freedom. Operation Iraqi Freedom and more took place.

And nearly a half century later, billions spent, countless more American lives lost these 9/11 Military "Recruiting Centers," have remained open. Actively seeking, via a f aux military draft, the services of young, able-bodied Americans or foreign nationals wishing to gain U.S. Citizenship in Service to this Nation.

Conversely. These recruiting stations or centers have come under frequent attack. Mostly by quote, unquote "Murdering Muslim Terrorists". The same Murdering Muslim Terrorists that are alleged to have attacked us on 9/11. But I know that we shouldn't condemn a whole group of people or any one religion for the actions of a few, right Mr. President?

Here's the Thing: I heart a good conspiracy theory, and that's what today's 'Lone Wolf' "Domestic Terrorist Attack" is shaping up to be.

WHY? In the Middlemost portions of the Volunteer State would a supposed Kuwaiti National with a high-powered rifle or rifles walk into a 9/11 Military "Recruiting Center" in a community that has no real bearing or weight on the functionality of the World as we know it, shoot, injure, and kill multiple people, THEN drive to a formal military installation, not far from the center, and shoot, injure, and kill multiple people their as well ONLY to be presumably shot and killed by a police officer on routine patrol?

What is the connection? Why here? Why now? Why Chattanooga of all places? What is the reasoning behind this? I mean I know Chattanooga is not all that far from Charleston, S.C. and Mother Emmanuel A.M.E Church, BUT it's still in the middle of nowhere in concern of my questions. And in so far as I know the man who has been alleged for having done this deed hasn't any connection to the KKK or some other 'white supremacist' group/organization. So Take Down the Flag faithful everywhere just keep your powder dry on that for a minute.

It should also be noted that at nearly all of these recruiting centers there is some member(s) of the military recruiting staff that has or has access to small arms and or side arms there. Not unlike this one here...

Tools of the Trade ... 2014

They are trained, and are, usually, the only ones with access to these kinds of small arms and munitions, and they are known to all in the recruiting center as the "fire arms officer" or "munitions officer" and have the key or keys to those small arms. It's not much BECAUSE much wouldn't be needed to defend an office or an installation belonging to the United States Department of Defense that would or could come under attack.

But no mention has been made of who, what or even where the fire arms officer or munitions officer was or was not on scene at the recruiting center or the U.S. Marine installation. None. Yet.

But we will wait and see what comes of it, BUT I do want you all to keep that in mind as you listen to and read the media screed out of New York and Washington on this tragic subject.

I also want you to keep in mind that these recruitment centers have stayed open and in operation, everyday, since George W. Bush ordered it so. How long will it be before President Obama closes them?

-- Rhett E. Column

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