The 7 Essential Aspects Of Marketing For 2009

Entrepreneurs here are 7 of the most essential aspects of MARKETING YOU CANNOT MISS FOR 2009 to get off to a QUICK START and moving into PROFIT

1) Work on establishing your TARGET MARKET. Sounds simple? Yes it is BUT it does require some research, brainstorming and fine tuning

2) Decide on which NICHES you are going to work in and brainstorm on the best ways to get to that niche. You need to get to the places where you niche congregates

3) Put together a MARKETING STRATEGY to get your entire marketing plan and execution of that plan in place. The majority of entrepreneurs miss this because it seems straightforward. . Your MARKETING STRATEGY has to be clearly define and broken down into pieces ready for action

4) Get your LEADERSHIP in gear. Nothing goes too far without strong leadership and decision making. So get into the mode of honing your leadership skills. People want to follow those who they feel are going somewhere SPECIAL

5) TIME MANAGEMENT - this one appears so easy. Yet 98% of marketers struggle with time and a tremendous amount of time is lost daily. Carving out specific and precise times to work on your business is NON-NEGOTIABLE

6) Develop your MARKETING / REVENUE MODEL. This will define how you monetize every visitor to your website and how you are positioned to maximize your PROFITS daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This is where the rubber meets the road and can make or break you if your model is not properly defined

7) TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. The marketplace is ripe for the taking as I write this. It means you the Entrepreneur really need to get your game on and set up your business so you reap MAXIMUM PROFITS and you are not playing the hit and miss blunder of marketing.

We have an upcoming TELE-SEMINAR this Thursday @ 9:30pm EST which covers all 7 aspects mentioned above. The TELE-SEMINAR delivers over 8 weeks of learning in one shot with ROCK SOLID, Live, Explosive Tactics to implement WITHIN 24 HOURS.
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