Starman Invites All To Be A Part Of The Experiencers Collective

Welcome To Experiencers Collective... Experiencers Collective is the first phase of The Experiencers Forum Network. This is a place where all can come together and discuss, research, share, and talk about what they are Experiencing which is considered not the norm in today's society. A place where we all can come together to get real answers to our question through grassroots research without fear of being criticized or ridiculed. Where like minded and experienced people can open discussion groups, share pictures,videos & music, launch your own blogs and forums, create new friendships and communicate with those who think or feel that they are crazy or strange because of their experiences and society's point of view... You are not crazy... You are not alone and you have come to the right place.... Lets come together as a Global Group of Like Minded and Like Experienced Citizens of Planet Earth and Unviel the Truths behind incredible events which are happening on a Daily Basis... Globally.

Did You Know? Over 90% of all people on Planet Earth believe that there is more out there then meets the eye or what we are being told is the norm and that over 50% of all the sovereign citizens of Planet Earth have had some kind of experience with UFOs, Contact, Abductions, Lost Time, Multidimensionality, Angelic Encounters, Channelings, Dream State Experiences, Vortexes, Time & Space, Ghosts, Communication From The Other Side, Near Death Experiences, Out Of Body Experiences, Extra Sensory Perception, Past Life Experiences, Miraculous Healings, and so much more...

As Experiencers Collective grows and we start coming up with some real answers to the questions and events which are happening to most of us... We will be launching many other phases of the Experiencers Fourm Network which will help in the creating of a Grassroots Global Group of Experiencers with Proof and Evidence that there is so much more out there and that the debunkers are just shills with an agenda to cover up who we really are and what is really happening... So lets go for it! Check out the Experiencers Forum video below and you well see that we at Experiencers have a Vision which is based on truth and coming together... They are the few and we are the many and Now Is The Time For The Truth... It Is Out There and We Are It!

The Experiencers Collective Is A Free Place For All Experiencers and Those Who Desire Knowledge And Information To Come... Thank You For Joining... As Everything These Days, It Does Take Time, Effort & Money To Make This Site Available To All, To Do The Research To Find The Best And Truest Content,To Advertise and Market The Site To Increase Membership and To Generally Keep This Site Up And Running For Your Information, Learning, Sharing and Pleasure.... So, If You Could Donate What Ever You Can, Whenever You Can... It would Be Helpful and Greatly Appreciated As This Is Really Your Site & Network... Starman And All Here At The Collective Say Many Thanks For Your Understanding and Contributions

Thank You Again...
And Welcome...
We Are Not Alone!
Most Sincerely,
Christopher "STARMAN"...


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